What are the intangibles that will elevate Jared Goff in the NFL Draft?

What will make Jared Goff one of the top quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL Draft? We break it down in Scout NOW.

By the Numbers

In 2015, Goff threw the third-most touchdowns of any quarterback in the nation, had the 10th-best quarterback rating, the fewest red zone turnovers (0), and was still one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the nation, despite taking 26 sacks -- 90th in the nation. Goff has exceptional poise, as told by his former offensive coordinator Tony Franklin: "To be a great quarterback, you have to stand on the yellow line in the middle of a highway and make decisions with cars coming both ways at you. Jared does that."

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1605291-jared-goff-and-joe... Goff completed 93 of 156 passes against the blitz (60%), including 19 of his 43 touchdowns on the season. Despite the fact that he played in a spread system, 91% of his passes came inside the pocket, though he is able to move, with 16% of his attempts coming on the move. When he's on the move, he completes 58% of his passes (49 of 84), for a 110.2 QB rating. While he is a pocket passer, his QB rating actually goes up (from 108.6 to 113.7) from being inside the pocket to outside the pocket.

Yes, Goff had quite the corps of receivers this season, with six players either graduating or leaving early for the Draft, but more than 60% of his passing yards came through the air -- in fact, he was ranked as the top quarterback on the deep ball by ProFootballFocus.

Goff has a strong arm, legs when he needs them, exceptional feel for the pocket (on 172 drop backs against the blitz, he was sacked just nine times) and plus accuracy, even in the face of pressure and blitzes.

There aren't many quarterbacks in college football with the kind of touch Goff has, especially deep. On deep middle passes (21+ yards), Goff completed 63% of his passes as a junior, and on passes of 21 yards or more, he tossed 11 touchdowns to four interceptions. He was even better in the intermediate zone (11-20 yards), completing 58.8% (60-of-102) of his passes with 13 touchdons to five interceptions.

Goff is expected to throw at both the NFL Combine and Cal's Pro Day on March 18, at California Memorial Stadium.

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