How does Cal basketball stack up in the Pac-12 race and in March Madness?

On the Bear Republic Podcast, we break down what statistical measure links both Cal and Kentucky, and we discuss just where the Bears stack up when it comes to March Madness, plus, help a Cal volleyball player get a life-saving surgery.

As it stands, California is 19-8 overall, and 9-5 in Pac-12 play, after just having won its first two conference road games of the season.

Where do the Bears stack up when it comes to other conference Tournament contenders? Where will Cal be seeded? Could there be a rematch against a local opponent in the cards? What's been the key to the Bears' resurgence, and how do Cal and Kentucky share a statistical connection?

Finally, this is your chance to help out a member of the Cal family. Sophomore volleyball player Savannah Rennie is in need of a liver transplant. Her story has been shared by Cameron Jordan and Keenan Allen.

Rennie was diagnosed in September of 2015 with congential hepatic fibrosis with portal hypertension. From her mother:  "Her case even more rare is this disease usually presents itself at birth or when you become much older (70-80's.) It is most certainaly NOT seen in a healthy 18-19 year old. Savannah has failed all the apptempt to manage the disease with medication and continues to be hospitalized with Cholangitits and sepsis (which is what happens from having this disease). The only thing to do now is to get her a new liver."

You can help Rennie in her battle by heading to her GoFundMe page, set up to deal with travel and medical expenses.

More from her mother, Renee: "We need to get this GoFundMe campaigne started because while in Indianapolis at the IU Health Transplant department - Savannah was getting her evaluation to be listed for a new liver, She became sick again with Cholangitis and has been hospitalized again. We had to change our flights, add to the car rental and hotel. We will be able to get a new Liver for Savannah sooner in Indiana than on the west coast. Once she is listed we will need to live in Indianapolis until the organ becomes availble as well as after for 3 months for follow up. I being her main care giver will have to take a leave of absence from my job, which means I will not be recieveing my salary." Top Stories