Zach Kline returns to the quarterback position at Cal, hoping to just be a good teammate

BERKELEY -- We take a look at Zach Kline's first practice back in Berkeley since the fall of 2013, as he hits the field in his new No. 17. We take a look at the film from his first day out, and he speaks with the media.

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Head coach Sonny Dykes on the quarterbacks: "There were ups and downs, what you would expect ... I thought they all did some good things, and I thought they all made some mistakes, as well. I thought it was a good starting point, but obviously, we've got to get a lot better."

On Kline: "I thought he looked fine. He looked like he did a couple years ago. He's got a great arm and can throw the ball. We'll see how that plays out."

On message to the QB group about team cohesion: "I think a big part of that is that kind of stuff happens naturally. I think, if you'd ask all of our players right now who the quarterback's going to be, they'd probably give you all different answers. As practice progresses, all of the sudden, you start having confidence in somebody, and that's the way it works out. It kind of goes back to what I said -- it becomes obvious to everybody who the guy is. The good thing is, I think our players have faith in all of them. Luke [Rubenzer] has played and been successful, Chase [Forrest] has played and been successful. I think they all realize the kind of talent Ross [Bowers] has, and so, a lot of these guys really don't know Zach Kline, but I think they see that he can throw the football and has some arm talent. I think everybody's looking forward to seeing where they go from here, and how they pick things up. That's going to be really important -- who picks up things and how well can they run the offense -- that's going to be a big part of who wins the job." Top Stories