Luc Bequette, Billy McCrary and James Looney stand out for Cal during the first Oklahoma drill of spring football

BERKELEY -- There are no sweeter words in the football practice lexicon than 'Oklahoma Drill,' and on Monday, Cal defensive line coach Fred Tate made sure we got this one on film ...

BERKELEY -- On Monday, California head coach Sonny Dykes said the Bears "just look different, physically," and on Cal's first day in full pads, it was certainly evident, particularly in the Oklahoma Drill.

With three defensive linemen, three offensive linemen, a quarterback and a running back clashing, the best of Cal's interior was on display, particularly in the persons of Luc Bequette and James Looney. Coaches said that Monday was by far Bequette's best practice, and he's been getting better and better with each day he gets under his belt.

"Defensively, up front, I thought our defensive front did some good things," Dykes said. "Looney, I think, has taken the next step. Luc Bequette has been pretty impressive, as a tackle, as well. Marcus Manley is much improved over where he was. Noah Westerfield's really come on, as well. I've been pleased with what I've seen out of him, as well. I think, collectively, the group's in pretty good shape."

With Mustafa Jalil gone, that defensive tackle spot next to Looney opens up, and Bequette is making a play early for that job.

"I think it's going to continue to play out," said Dykes, who loses Jalil as well as defensive end Kyle Kragen. "The good thing is, we've got some young guys who are making a move and starting to push some of the older guys, and that's a positive. Zeandae Johnson is a guy that's got a chance to really come on and get some playing time, as well. He redshirted last year, he's a big kid, he's got a good frame, he's a good athlete. He's starting to make a move, so that's encouraging to see. We'll just see how it plays out, see where they are and who develops. The good thing is, there's competition and there's depth, and they're bigger guys, and more athletic. We've got to get better in our pass rush. That's something that, clearly, our team has got to improve on. We've got to keep taking those steps and getting better."

Offensively, converted safety Billy McCrary III has been very impressive at running back, showing the kind of speed and explosion that prompted Cal to take him in as a two-way player. Dykes said last week that it looks like McCrary has found a home at running back, and it's hard to argue, especially given his lateral movement and the suddenness with which he changes direction and how hard he hits holes.

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