Cal basketball signee Tyson Jolly says instability in program prompted him to request release from Letter of Intent

After announcing his intent to pursue his release from his National Letter of Intent, former Cal commit Tyson Jolly spoke with BearTerritory about his decision.

On Sunday morning, now-former California basketball signee Tyson Jolly announced that he will request his release from his National Letter of Intent. When Jolly spoke with BearTerritory, he indicated that his request came soon after the announcement that his primary recruiter -- Yann Hufnagel -- would be fired due to sexual harassment allegations.

"I always talked with Yanni, and never talked really with any of the other coaches," Jolly said. "Me and coach Martin have been talking [about his release] for three or four days. I told him my decision, and he respected my decision."

Jolly said that Martin has given the indication that he will grant Jolly's release from his signed National Letter of Intent as soon as Monday.

Jolly said that Hufnagel's firing was the catalyst to a discussion about the stability of the program.

"I was thinking about it, I was debating, but when coach Yanni got fired, and I heard the program was under investigation, I didn't want to be going into a program that was under investigation," Jolly said. "I didn't want to go into a program that was unsure, basically."

The investigation to which Jolly pointed is a review being undertaken by the University to assure that all reporting parties acted within policy during the course of the sexual harassment investigation, undertaken by the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.

"It wasn't just about coach Yanni," Jolly said. "It was about the whole program. I was unsure that it was the right move for me at this time, just the investigation, hearing that it's not sure if coach Martin is going to be there next year -- just uncertainty."

Martin is currently working under his original term sheet that he signed in 2014, and while sources have said that the official contract was ready to be signed and announced, the University's announcement of the findings of the investigation into Hufnagel have sunk those plans, for the time being.

Should Martin's contract situation be cleared up, and he stays, Cal is "still a potential place," for Jolly, but he wanted to "weigh out all of my options, at the moment." Top Stories