American River linebacker Jordan Kunaszyk is ready to make his decision between Cal and Colorado

Following his official visit to Cal, American River College linebacker Jordan Kunaszyk is ready to make his decision.

American River JuCo linebacker Jordan Kunaszyk has now officially visited Colorado and California, and, after he talks to both Sonny Dykes and Mike McIntyre on Thursday, he'll announce his decision.

"I've pretty much made my decision," Kunaszyk said on Wednesday night. "I just haven't announced it yet."

It will be a little bit like the season finale of The Bachelor.

"I'm going to call the coaches, and tell one coach that I'm in, and tell the other coach, 'No,'" Kunaszyk said.

Who gets the final rose? Kunaszyk isn't saying, but admitted to nearly slipping up once or twice.

"I haven't talked to any of the coaching staffs about my decision, yet," he said. "Both places are special, and I like both places a lot, but I can't play in two places. I've just got to go with my gut feeling, and do what my heart desires."

His most recent visit was to Berkeley, where he spent Thursday and Friday with linebackers Devante Downs and Hamilton Anoa'i, right before the Bears went on spring break.

"It was great," said Kunaszyk, who brought his parents with him. "I've been there twice on unofficial visits, but it was nice to go on an official visit and see more in-depth, have more in-depth conversations with the coaches. I got to see the campus and sit down and talk to some of the academic advisors, and see more of the school. I had a great time."

Palling around with Anoa'i and Downs allowed Kunaszyk to find out more about his potential future coach in Cal defensive coordinator and newly-christened linebackers coach Art Kaufman.

"They just said they're ecstatic to have him as a linebacker coach, that he's very knowledgable about the position, and they're excited about the future," Kunaszyk said.

Kunaszyk and his parents -- who did not go on his official visit to Boulder -- also got a chance to sit in on Cal's final spring practice before the break, on Friday.

"I liked it a lot," Kunaszyk said. "They grind, they grind. They go fast-paced, and they work on a lot of technique stuff. Coach Kaufman is big on technique, so it was a lot of technique stuff. They were grinding, grinding through practice. It was a fairly short practice, so people could get on to spring break, but it seemed like a really good practice."

It being the end of the line before spring break, and the end of the week, Kunaszyk also got a chance to sample the night life with his hosts, but the highlight was sitting in on team and positional meetings.

"I just took in some of the knowledge, took in some schematic stuff, and I took in how the players reacted to having been coached up, and some of the mistakes they made, so wherever I choose to go, I don't make those same mistakes," he said.

What stood out the most for Kunaszyk was that "the program's headed in the right direction."

"They took a big step last year by having an eight-win season, and I think they're going to build on that," Kunaszyk said. "The facilities are beautiful, and for me, I think, the academic aspect is very attractive. A degree from Cal-Berkeley speaks volumes about the type of student you are, and that's something that holds a lot of value in the workforce." Top Stories