Top outside linebacker Tyshon Fogg breaks down his Monday visit to Cal

No. 11 outside linebacker Tyshon Fogg talks about his Monday trip to Cal, how the Bears stack up to his other visits and more.

On Monday, California hosted on of its more prominent visitors of the spring, in four-star, No. 11 outside linebacker Tyshon Fogg.

The visit for Fogg, out of Baltimore (Md.) Calvert Hall is in the process of trimming his lengthy list to 15, and after his visit to Berkeley, it looks like the Bears are going to make the cut.

"Right now, I'm cutting my list down to 15, and they're definitely up there, so they're definitely going to make the list," Fogg said. "From there, I really don't know. I have to see what schools are on there, and schedule more visits to those places, and then I'll know for sure where they're at."

Fogg has been busy on the road this spring, visiting Cal and StanfordNorth Carolina and Duke, Rutgers and Maryland.

"Cal definitely stood out. They were one of my top visits, but I have a lot of visits to a lot of other schools," Fogg said. "UNC definitely stood out, probably at the top. As far as a top school, I don't have one, but their visit was definitely one I remember. Stanford was an excellent visit. I loved that campus. I had a great time there. Cal definitely stood out, too."

What made Cal stand out?

"It was definitely a nice place. We got to see a little bit of the campus, went into the tower, and the football facilities and meeting the coaches and everything was pretty cool," Fogg said. "Just the different people, and the way they're laid back. Being from the East Coast, I'm not used to the West Coast type of style of living. Also, the views of San Francisco, the alumni network and all the possibilities you have if you go there."

During his visit on Monday, Fogg really got an up-close look at the way the Bears do business on the field.

"There was a lot of competition, a lot of energy," Fogg said. "The coaches had a lot of energy, and the players, the way they practiced, even though they were in shorts and helmets, they were still going at it and competing, hard-nosed football and getting after it."

During the visit, Fogg also got to speak with defensive coordinator Art Kaufman, who has offered 17 linebackers this class.

"I've talked to the linebackers coach multiple times, and the linebacker assistant coach. I definitely see myself fitting in, with the linebacker group," he said. "Basically, as a linebacker, they want a dude who's athletic, smart, and brings a lot of physicality. We were sitting back and watching practice, watching what was going on."

Fogg got an up-close look at what the Bears do off the field, as well, watching them work out. Fogg said that the way Cal lifts stood out.

"I met a few more of the coaches, and I actually saw the facilities for the first time, and that was pretty cool, because I'd seen pictures and stuff like that, but seeing it in person was a different experience," Fogg said. "I definitely see myself fitting in, with the linebacker group."

So, will there be another visit on tap?

"Probably for an official visit, because it's a lot of money coming out here," Fogg said. "Maybe I'll work out a visit soon if the money gets right, but if not, I'll probably be down there for an official visit." Top Stories