Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure guard Casey Roddick brought his family for a visit to Cal, and gave Berkeley a 10 out of 10

After his weekend visit up to Cal, three-star Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure offensive lineman Casey Roddick has the Bears in his top three, and sets a decision timeline.

Once Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure guard Casey Roddick gets done with football, he wants to help people. Until then, he wants to rind some noses in the turf, and that's exactly what California offensive line coach Brandon Jones told Roddick he likes, during Roddick's Spring Game visit this weekend.

"It was really nice to get to talk with coach Jones. He was talking with me about how he thinks my best fit would be right guard, if I were to attend," Roddick said. "He thinks I'm a really physical and aggressive guy, which, honestly, that's where I think my position is, because I'm really physical and aggressive, and that's what I like to do on the field. Also, he was telling me about getting it done in the classroom. That's the ultimate goal: To get it done in the classroom, also, because if you can't get it done in the classroom, then you can't get it done on the field. He's an awesome coach. I really like him." Roddick has a 3.4 GPA, and said that the biggest element in his decision is education. He wants to be a physical therapist after college. With a decision planned for August, Roddick gave the visit to Cal a "a 10, a 10 out of 10, yessir," but he does have two other schools in his top three: Oregon and Colorado.

"Oregon's just fast, quick, and they're a really well-built program. They have a high intensity, high focus and high toughness, so I love that about Oregon," he said. "Colorado, I love Colorado, and it's the education. The education is what's selling me. If they have the education, that's the whole deal for me. Ultimately, I want to get my degree and go into sports medicine and just help people. If they have a really good sports medicine program, then I'm sold."

Getting to see inside the Simpson Center was eye-opening for Roddick, especially the physical therapy equipment.

"I got to see all of that. I got to see where they do all the weigh-ins, the body mass and all the physical therapy training tables, all that stuff. It was pretty impressive. I really liked that," he said.

The underwater treadmill was, as always, a crowd pleaser.

"Oh! The underwater treadmill, I was not expecting that. I saw that at Colorado, and I was like, 'Dang, this is pretty cool.' Then, I looked at it at Cal, and I was like, 'Wow. This is awesome. This is really awesome,'" he said. "There were differences. With Cal, everything is brand new, and with Colorado, everything was brand new, but Cal has that slight edge on Colorado."

The weather, for the Ventura County native, was a bonus. "It was beautiful. My father really liked it, and my little brother also liked it," Roddick said. "It's one of the highest-ranked public schools in the nation, for 25 straight years. They have great accolades, and the school itself is absolutely beautiful, from the facilities to the campus, it sets itself apart from most of the universities that I've visited."

But, as he's said, it all comes down to the classroom, and what he could do after football.

"The education, that's the bottom line," Roddick said. "They said I could redshirt, and take a few years and get my Master's, and that ultimately hit me, because once I get the education, the Cal degree, it's like, dang, that's the degree. Education sets them apart."

During his all-day stay in Berkeley (the family stayed over on Friday night and spent Saturday with the team), Roddick also got to talk with new offensive coordinator Jake Spavital, who combines the brand-new feel of the facilities with the speed and quickness that Roddick likes at Oregon.

"He was telling me that they like to do the up-tempo, which I like," Roddick said. "I like doing up-tempo, and working the defense, getting the defense tired and exhausted, because that's really what you want to look for. I was going over plays with them in the quick game, with the quick runs and how to get the defense on their heels and get them off their feet. He had a really good concept of what's going on at Cal." During the game, Roddick got to see that kind of tempo and speed in person, and he did a little mental Photoshop, too, putting himself in that right guard slot, just to see what it would be like, playing for Spavital in Berkeley.

"I was studying their plays. The linemen move," he said. "That's the ultimate thing. You have to have all five guys on the same page, and that's what they were doing. They looked crisp, they were clean and everything, they knew what they were doing, they knew the calls, they knew the fronts and everything, so they were on point. They looked really good."

The one thing that Roddick didn't get to do was really chop it up with the current players. That, he said, will be remedied.

"That was one of the parts that I missed out on," he said. "I would love to talk to the guys, but maybe next time when I go up there, I will."

When will that next time be?

"I want to say July," Roddick said. "July will be my next one, because I want to commit in August."

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