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Cal baseball ace and projected first-round MLB Draft pick Daulton Jefferies has a strained shoulder

Cal baseball ace Daulton Jefferies to miss another two weeks, at least, with shoulder strain.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Jefferies had a strained forearm. He in fact has a strained shoulder. 

When California starter Daulton Jefferies went down before the first game of the UCLA series, the team stated that he had tightness in his right calf. The diagnosis is now that Jefferies has a strained subscapular muscle. He has started playing light catch again, but will miss another two weeks.

After Tuesday's 5-2 win over Stanford, head coach David Esquer opened up on how Jefferies's injury manifested itself. he said that the calf injury was first, but only just. "[The shoulder] was pretty concurrent, with him trying to start up and get to that UCLA game on Friday," Esquer said. "We were more worried about the leg, and when he sat down to see if he could get back up, he felt a tightness, and then we called everything off ... It's sub-scapular, and he's cleared to throw, and if he could feel good and throw this weekend, he would. He's cleared to do that, but his progression is based on him."

Jefferies has thrown on flat ground, and will progress to playing catch this week. Esquer said Cal is on his timetable.

"As he feels better, we'll keep doing more," he said.

Since Jefferies initially went down -- unable to get a push off of his back leg before facing the Bruins -- the Bears have gone 2-1 on Friday nights, but with Ryan Mason moving into the Friday night slot, Cal has struggled on the second and third days of series, as middle relief man and midweek starter Jeff Bain has moved into the Saturday role, keeping Matt Ladrech on Sundays.

"It's wearing thin, to be quite honest," Esquer said. "Today, we staffed it, because we had to. We'll get a shot in the arm. [Alex] Schick looks like he'll be back not this weekend, but definitely by the next weekend, so he'll be able to pitch in a game. That takes a little heat off the [Erik] Martinez's and the [Keaton] Siomkin's of the world, because now, you've got another option, and Tanner [Dodson]'s last three outings have been really good. He looks like he's comfortable now, in the game, at this level, and confident, so that's huge for us. [Joey] Matulovich has been pitching better, and looks in control when he's out there. That's big growth for us, that we can use those guys. We didn't have them at the start of the year."

With the pitching staff down a starter -- and one projected to go in the first round of this June's MLB Draft, to boot -- Cal has lost two of thee series, giving up 42 earned runs in 89.0 innings (4.25 ERA).

"We didn't want to rush him back," Esquer said. "We don't know really how it happened. They're almost simultaneous, really, but he was a little sore, and we're pretty cautious with that type of talent, and we're going to take his cue more than our timetable."

Jefferies is 6-0 with a 1.29 ERA and 47 strikeouts in 42.0 innings, with six walks.

The Bears face Arizona this weekend, and Washington next weekend at Evans Diamond. Top Stories