How big is Cal's scholarship offer for San Clemente quarterback Jack Sears?

What about Cal is so intriguing to new quarterback offeree Jack Sears? We caught up with his coach to find out, plus, there is now a decision timeline for he three-star signal caller.

When San Clemente (Calif.) quarterback Jack Sears received his ninth Pac-12 scholarship offer on Friday -- from California offensive coordinator Jake Spavital -- he didn't tweet about it. He didn't Instagram it. There was only a message from his coach, Jaime Ortiz, to recruiting reporters. It's just not Sears's style.

He's not unlike his predecessor, Sam Darnold, in that sense.

"That's just not him," Ortiz said. "It's just not his persona."

"He's not a senior in high school yet, and he's very mature for his age," Ortiz said. "He understands going through the process, and that's something that I think is a telling sign of a guy who's a leader. For him, at the end of the day, whether you have 100 [offers] or you have five, you only go to one school."

It's in trying to find that one school that he's been diligent about taking his trips and investigating each of the schools that have offered, and it's why he's going to take that side trip to Berkeley.

"He's visited schools back east, and he plans to enroll early, so he'll probably make his decision in the near future," Ortiz said. "He's not making an announcement. You won't se him on Periscope or on Twitter or Instagram or some video. That's just not his persona. Same with Sam. When Sam committed to USC, Sam told me, 'I'm going to call coach [Steve] Sarkisian and I'm going to commit.' I said, 'OK, let me know when you're done.' He called me back: 'Coach, I'm a Trojan,' and that was it. That's the kind of persona that Jack has." There will be no hat ceremony, no declaration. He'll just make his decision, like he does on the field -- quick, and decisively. Sears does not play on any seven-on team, preferring to work with his own team and Tritons quarterback coach Troy Copp.

San Clemente has put plenty of quarterbacks into Division I football, from Chase Rettig to Travis Wilson to Darnold, and before that, the Tritons sent quarterbacks to Harvard, Montana and Texas State.

"Over the last 15 years, we've had six, seven quarterbacks go D-1," Ortiz said. "The pretty cool thing is that Jack's the next guy in line."

This past season, Sears completed 193 of 270 passes for 2,697 yards, 37 touchdowns and just two interceptions, rushing 112 times for 862 yards and nine more touchdowns. The three-star signal-caller has offers from the Bears, UCLA, USC, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State Colorado and Oregon State, along with Duke, Tennessee and Texas A&M, among others.

"Coach Spavital came out and watched Jack throw probably a week and a half, two weeks ago," Ortiz said. "When coach and I sat down, getting to know the staff, getting the lay of the land, especially being out here in California and realizing how many quarterbacks there are, this is quarterback country. When he left, he said he would be in touch, and decided to pull the trigger on Jack. It's a pretty big feather in Jack's cap, that a lot of schools are really taking the time to get to know him and go through that process." Sears will visit Cal on May 21, after the Nike Opening Regional in Oakland, and the Elite 11 competition, and will spend time getting to know the entire staff, seeing the facilities and getting to know the Bears just as they've gotten to know him.

"To be honest with you, whether it's Cal or Tennessee or Duke, for him, it's about trying to build that relationship with the coaching staff, and also, from an educational standpoint," Ortiz said. 

Sears has a 4.0 GPA, and, Ortiz said, takes academics very seriously.

"I know Cal's very respected from an educational standpoint, and, they had the No. 1 draft pick as a quarterback, as well, so there are definitely some factors there that intrigue Jack," Ortiz said. Of course, that quarterback -- Jared Goff -- did not play in Spavital's system, but he did play in a system that's similar to the one Spavital is installing in Berkeley. What Spavital has specialized in, through his stops at Texas A&M, West Virginia and Oklahoma State, has been molding his offense to fit his quarterback, and with Sears, there is certainly a lot of potential, both as a thrower and as a runner.

"Schemes play into it, and you go on the recruiting websites, and Jack's listed as a dual threat quarterback, and other times, he's listed as a pocket passer," Ortiz said. "Jack has the ability to be either-or. I think Jack could fit in, in Stanford's pro-style offense, 22-personnel and running right at you, and he can fit in at Cal. I think Cal's a good mix of the two. It'll be interesting to see the new offensive coordinator, with Jake coming in and coach [Tony] Franklin leaving, to see the changes, but for Jack, it's really an opportunity to fit in and do multiple things. That's what a lot of coaches like about him. One of the pluses is the fact that he can fit in to a pro-style offense, and he can fit into a dual threat offense. He's the best athlete on the team. You look at his SPARQ score, his ability to run and throw, he's definitely one of the guys that, whether it's under center or in gun, he can make things happen."

San Clemente runs a zone-read offense, which the Tritons started using when Darnold was a sophomore, with the staff learning from Rich Rodriguez at Arizona, and from the staffs at Utah and UCLA. While the offense was catering to Darnold, it's a natural fit for Sears.

"It's nice to have Jack some in and not change a thing," Ortiz said. "We're actually able to do more things now, and Sam was the one who started it, but Jack is continuing it."

The hole that Goff leaves is more than just physical. He was a two-time team captain, and became a respected leader on and off the field. Ortiz has seen Sears develop his own style of leadership during his time at San Clemente.

"He's one of those kids that just makes everyone around him better," Ortiz said. "The one thing that Jack had an opportunity to do, was to study under Sam Darnold. I think they're very similar, in the fact that a good leader defers and deflects the attention from themselves to the people around them, and I think that's the one thing that Jack does a real good job of. He's not one of those kids that goes out, trying to be recruited and get as many offers as he can. He understands that it's a process, and very businesslike, at times. He doesn't let the attention or the notoriety go to his head."

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