Quarterback Ryan Hilinski is put through his throwing paces

BERKELEY -- Orange (Calif.) Orange Lutheran quarterback Ryan Hilinski comes from a long line of Division I quarterbacks, starting with brother Kelly and continuing with brother Tyler. Now, the 2019 quarterback is setting out on his path.

BERKELEY -- Having watched now all three of the Hilinski brothers -- Kelly Hilinski (From Columbia to Riverside CC to Weber State), Tyler Hilinski (Washington State) and now Ryan Hilinski -- the youngest signal caller in the family has benefitted from watching his two older brothers (see the video below). The youngest Hilinski has a tight throwing motion, a quick release and has deceptively easy pop down field.

Orange (Calif.) Orange Luthran is switching away from the triple option in order to take advantage of Hilinski. He has plenty of arm talent, but also throws with great touch to both medium-deep and deep routes. 

While right now he takes most of his snaps under center, he still has two more seasons to get some shotgun experience, though most of his snaps are going to come out of a more pro-style set. That said, his skill set certainly translates to any offense. His deep ball accuracy is superb, and while he looks a bit stiff on his drop backs, his footwork is swift and sharp. He has good length, and judging by the sizes of his brothers, he's going to be much bigger than 6-foot-3, 190. In two years, it wouldn't shock me if he's 6-foot-5 or 6-foot-7, and well over 200 pounds. He has a broad frame that can certainly take the added muscle, so long as he stays flexible. 

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