Twins catcher draft pick Mitchell Kranson's senior highlights at California

In honor of the Home Run Derby, we take a look at senior highlights of one of Cal's biggest sluggers over the last two years -- and the author of one of Cal's biggest home runs in the last decade -- Mitchell Kranson.

Minnesota Twins Area Scout Elliott Strankman on California Golden Bears alumnus Mitchell Kranson: "I believe in the guy. The great thing about him is that he believes in himself. Really, that’s bigger than anything. He thinks he’s pretty good, and that’s OK. I like that, because he is.”

“I’m telling you, dude, our draft room, even our support staff, our assistant scouting people, they all loved him. When we took Gaucho, there was as big an applause and happiness as when we took our first-round draft pick. We like the guy. We got the guy. We just love him. That was kind of funny.”

“If he can catch and hit like he’s hitting, he’s got a real chance. I think he wants to catch. He likes catching. Everybody likes to catch, but it’s hard. Part of it was, first of all, it’s all about the bat. First things first: He’s got to swing that may translate well into pro ball, but he wanted to catch. I had him send me a bunch of video of him catching, and his dad actually downloaded some catching video of him in the A&M Regional, and I looked at it and I studied it. I had him send me video of him playing against Northwestern, when he caught this year. I used all of that as ammo to sell the room that, ‘Hey, let us give this guy a chance to catch.’”

“We, as a group, not just me, everybody thought that this guy could hit. We liked him Take away the El Gaucho and all that stuff, bottom line is, we thought he could hit. It was a group effort on him. We all liked him, so when I met with him and when I talked with him about what we wanted to do, where his mind was at, I felt real comfortable taking him where we took him.”

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