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Former Cal QB Jared Goff opens up his wallet to take care of the offense in his first training camp with Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff is ready to start spending that first paycheck, as he foots the bill for amenities in his first NFL training camp.

On June 9, former California quarterback Jared Goff signed his first contract with the Los Angeles Rams. The No. 1 draft pick signed a four-year contract worth $27.9 million, with an $18.6 million signing bonus. 

The day of the draft, he told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live that his first big, crazy purchase would buy a massage chair. No word on whether or not he also bought a palate of Patagonia hats.

On the eve of his first training camp on Tuesday, Goff spent time in a Rookie Confessional, saying that he would buy something nice for his parents and for his sister with his first NFL paycheck. He didn't want to ruin the surprise, he said, eschewing any specifics, but for himself, he has a list: A boat, a car, a jet ski and, of course, massage chairs. That's right: chairs. Goff spent the last several weeks practicing with receiver Pharoh Cooper, tight end Tyler Higbee, fellow quarterback Case Keenum and others in Westlake Village, near where Goff has purchased a home.

On Wednesday, as camp dawned, Goff arrived 45 minutes before his teammates to the Rams' camp facility at UC Irvine. he spent time with HBO's NFL Hard Knocks film crew, but most importantly, he brought with him some welcome relief.

Irvine -- not having a football team of its own -- is a rough-hewn practice facility. USC was the last team to hold any kind of camp there, back in 1999, and it's where the Rams trained before leaving for St. Louis. As such, the school's dormitories are hundreds of yards from the fields, which are in turn hundreds of yards from the locker rooms, which are, in turn, hundreds of yards from the chow hall. It's not an ideal situation. What makes things worse is that the residential facilities do not include air-conditioned suites, and highs this week in Irvine are all above 80 degrees, and as hot as 87 degrees on Friday.

So, what did the No. 1 overall pick do, to ingratiate himself to his new teammates? He purchased fans for all of the offensive players and coaches, to help them cope with the heat.

The Rams open the season on Sept. 12, with a Monday Night Football clash in Santa Clara, Calif., against Goff's childhood favorite San Francisco 49ers.

The Golden Bears open camp on July 31, with practices starting on Aug. 1.

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