Cal inside receivers coach Jacob Peeler breaks down the young receivers and Melquise Stovall's catch radius

BERKELEY -- Freshmen Melquise Stovall and Demetris Robertson have been the talk of camp, and with six of Cal's top receivers having left after last season, we felt the time was right for a detailed one-on-one with receivers coach Jacob Peeler.

Cal inside receivers coach Jacob Peeler, who recruited camp standout Jordan Duncan and many of the young wide-outs making noise in camp. We chatted with him on Saturday.

BearTerritory: Which younger guys are really emerging for you? Logan Gamble didn't have a great day today, but he's been pretty physical and consistent, and Drew Kobayashi has been getting a lot of reps with the top group. What have you seen out of that group?

Jacob Peeler: Coming in, not having the advantage of some of the other young guys, not getting those practices in the spring, they came behind the eight ball a little bit, just because they've been doing Summer Bridge. We haven't had any time with them, because they've had to do school and tutoring. We've had to make special meeting times, just to adjust to their schedule, because we want to make sure they're taking care of their business, academically. The one thing you always look at in a freshman is, they're going to come out and they're going to mess up, but are they messing up at full speed? Are they competing? Are they mentally and physically competing tough? Those things -- toughness -- in those things, those guys aren't lacking. Matt Laris, same thing. He made some plays today, caught the ball really well. We're starting to get him into the mix. Those guys have the right mindset to come out, every single day, to find one thing to get better at, and I think when you're going through this process as a freshman, you're getting pulled in 50 different ways, and you're hearing all the same things, and they're all new. They've responded well to the coaching."

BT: Kobayashi was hurt for a lot of last year, but he's jumped in with both feet, and after a day or two, started looking really comfortable.

JP: Drew is a guy that tests really well. He's 6-2, almost 200 pounds, he runs a low 4.5, and had a little hamstring injury last year. He finally got healthy, and you can see he's a big guy that can run, and when you possess that kind of skill, a physical player who can match speed with DBs, I think that's a threat that a lot of people look for when you're trying to find a receiver. He's a guy that I think has a high, high ceiling, a guy that I think you'll see next year at this time will blow people even further away. That's how much he'll progress, just by getting acclimated to us, getting acclimated to coach [Damon] Harrington, getting acclimated to just the college experience.

BT: Melquise Stovall, for a guy who's 5-8 ...

JP: 5-8 with hair, we'll give him that.

BT: 5-8 in spikes, on concrete if you like him -- his catch radius, he's like Mr. Fantastic. His arms seem like they stretch. He has big hands. That's one thing, you never know with [...] he was a running back in high school, and you never know what their ball skills are going to be like. The kid has got phenomenal, phenomenal ball skills. He has the quickest catch radius, meaning, his hands are down, and he can adjust to the ball so fast. When it touches his hands, I'm not going to say he's Kenny Lawler-like -- I'm not going to put him in that category quiet yet -- but he has that knack. If it touches his hands, it's usually sticking. He's done a great job, and he's a guy, again, who has adjusted to the receiving position so fast. He'll tell you: He's not there yet. There's a lot of stuff he's got to get better at, but that's what's so beautiful about this time of year, is watching him grow every single day.

BT: Is the offense more vertical with speedy guys like Chad Hansen, or are you guys just getting the balls to playmakers like Stovall and Demetris Robertson or is it a combination of both, or, another option, does it just depend on the guys on the field?

JP: That's the beauty about it, like you and me were talking about the other day. You've got so many different types of guys, and you can mix and match. One minute, you could have a Demetris and a Brandon Singleton out there, and then you can move in with Melquise and guys like Bug [Rivera], who's twitchy. You've got all kinds of different types of guys, and I think that's what we were looking for. At different parts of the field, in different parts of the game, in different parts of the scheme, you're looking for something [specific], and that's what's so great about these guys: They're all not selfish. They're selfless, competing every day and getting better.

BT: How difficult is it to lose a weapon like Carlos Strickland, who was doing so well?

JP: I couldn't tell you exactly what was going on there, but obviously, Carlos had a great spring, and was having a great fall camp. I just wish him the best. The beauty of it is, we're a next-man up kind of team, and I think the next guy will step up, whoever that may be.

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