Cal freshman tackle Jake Curhan dominates in the one-on-one board drill in Monday's fall camp practice

BERKLEY -- Watch Jake Curhan and the Cal offensive line face off against Russell Ude and the defensive line in one-on-one board drills.


Practice 7 Recap

VIDEO TAGS: Kamryn Bennett (72w), Russell Becker (90b), Ryan Gibson (74w), Chinedu Udeogu (91b), Dominic Granado (55w), Marcus Manley (92b), Chris Palmer (51w), Luc Bequette (93b), Vince Johnson (78w), Russell Ude (13b), Jake Curhan (71w), Benji Palu (70w), Chris Yaghi (99b), Addison Ooms (57w), Tevin Paul (96b), Gentle Williams (54w), Zeandae Johnson (44b), Henry Bazakas (76w), J.D. Hinnant (77w), Trevor Howard (94b), Dwayne Wallace (62w), Evan Weaver (89b), Tony Mekari (97b), Chris Borrayo (66w), Patrick Mekari (79w)

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