Sonny Dykes: Nice To See Them Answer Back

BERKELEY -- Cal head coach Sonny Dykes talks about several key returns, special teams and the offense answering the defense's challenge.

BERKELEY -- Vic Enwere showed off fresh legs, Demetris Robertson hauled in a 62-yard bomb and Trey Turner returned as Cal finishes practice 10. In the video above are all of Sonny Dykes's post-practice comments.

"I thought it was alright, I thought it was good; we're worn out," said Dykes, who gave the Bears Friday off, before an early-afternoon scrimmage scheduled for Saturday. "We got a lot of reps the last couple days, and they're just a bit worn out. I gave us a break at the end. Normally, we do special teams, and we had a lot of running scheduled for special teams, so I thought we'd be better off if we kind of just blew it up and we'll catch up this weekend.

"It was a good day. I thought it was competitive. I thought the offense played well in the third-down and red-zone period. I thought yesterday, the defense really played well in third-and-long period and the two-minute stuff. It was good to see the offense respond to the defense. That's what you want to see out of a good football team. You want to see both sides of the ball rise up, especially when the other side performs better the day before." Dykes also addressed the run-pass mix: "We'll kind of see how it plays out. That's going to vary from game to game, just depending on what we see. The good thing that we do is, we run versus good numbers in the box. People are going to cheat the box, and we're going to run the football. If they load the box, then we'll be able to throw the ball. A lot of it is going to depend on how people play us. I would expect, based on the fact that we're young at wide receiver and we have a new quarterback, people are going to load the box and make us throw the ball, but we'll see what they do."

Having Turner back in the mix certainly helps a defensive backfield that has lost a lot since last season.

"That's good to have Trey back," Dykes said. "He's had a good camp, and had a really, really good spring. It's good to see him back out there, moving around. It gives us more depth on the back end. The good thing is, we just continue to develop depth back there. I think, if you ask any of us right now what's the most pleasant surprise, it's probably Jacob Anderson at safety. He's been really good, done some good things for us. Happy to see what he's turning into. He's played really physical football, and has been productive."

With a 65-yard touchdown catch on Thursday, it's looking like speedy freshman Demetris Robertson and the quarterbacks are getting on the same page, though at times there are still some timing issues."He's worn out," Dykes said. "Any time guys start to wear down like that, they lose a step. The big thing we've got to do is get all our work done right now, get our guys to the game fresh. We still have a long way to go, and a lot of work that needs to be done. We're figuring it out."

Receiver Kanawai Noa continues to show a mean streak -- not quite to the level of Jordan Veasy, but definitely more physicality than last season -- and will continue to get more run, Dykes said.

"I would expect, as we get into game week, middle of next week, he would get a pretty good lion's share of reps," Dykes said.

As for the state of punt and kick return, there's no shortage of talent.

"That's probably one of the things we need to get squared away, just who they're going to be, and get some live work at that," Dykes said. "We've got a lot of options, but we want to make sure we go in with the right guys who make the right decisions."

At this point, there are no frontrunners, and they will be tested more next week, in terms of making those decisions -- to take the ball out or stay in the end zone.

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