BTTV: Cal DC Art Kaufman Talks Scrimmage

BERKELEY -- Cal's offense scored on six straight drives in the first half of Saturday's scrimmage. Defensive coordinator Art Kaufman breaks it down.

BERKELEY -- Zeandae Johnson came up with two sacks, Traveon Beck tallied an interception while Evan Rambo added a forced fumble that turned into a 23-yard touchdown by Aisea Tongilava, but the California defense left a bit to be desired on Saturday, giving up 126 rushing yards on eight carries to Khalfani Muhammad, 84 yards on two catches from Demetris Robertson and 112 yards on five grabs by Chad Hansen. The defense allowed the offense to score six straight times to lead off the scrimmage in the first half, before stopping the last five drives, including the fumble recovery for a score.

Overall on the day, the offense won eight drives, while the defense took six, allowing two field goals and four touchdowns.

Defensive coordinator Art Kaufman breaks it down in the above video.

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