BTTV: Jacob Anderson

BERKELEY -- Golden West JuCo transfer Jacob Anderson has bolstered the Cal defensive backfield. He was a standout in Saturday.

BERKELEY -- Safety Jacob Anderson has been one of the pleasant surprises of Cal camp, with safeties coach Greg Burns calling his performance "outstanding." With Khari Vanderbilt -- the presumptive starter, along with Evan Rambo -- on the shelf on Saturday, Anderson tallied three stops, including a seven-yard tackle for loss on big back Vic Enwere.

"Jacob's done a good job for us," said head coach Sonny Dykes. "He's been one of the real surprises of camp. I think he played corner for us last year, and I think the move to safety fits him. He's a good athlete, he's physical, he's willing to tackle. He shows up a lot. He plays really fast. He has a real knack for being in the right place at the right time, and I've been very, very pleased with him. I think he's one of those guys -- there's always two or three players who really make a jump from one year to the next. It's just about finding the right position, and getting comfortable, and, physically, he's changed his body. He's a good athlete, so he's starting to show up a bunch."

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