How Many Will Travel to Australia?

Cal head coach Sonny Dykes talks Australia, double days, position changes and more.

BERKELEY -- Cal head coach Sonny Dykes said on Wednesday that all 105 players in camp will make the trip to Australia on Saturday, including intended environmental design major Demetris Robertson. Robertson, who, until moving to California from his native Georgia, had only been as far as Texas, is interested in architecture, so the team's climb up the Sidney Harbor Bridge will be a highlight, he told BearTerritory., in his post-practice comments, said that Damariay Drew's career is over after tearing his ACL this spring. He cannot get a sixth year ("You have to miss two because of injury," Dykes said), though he was on the field on Wednesday in street clothes. 

"It's good to see Damariay back around and back here," Dykes said. "He's going to finish up academically and get his degree, and I think he's one of those guys that gets rehabbed, comes back and has the chance to play at the next level, hopefully get into camp some place. He's one of those kids that, once he gets in camp, he'll perform well."

At Pac-12 Media Day, Dykes had gestured at the possibility that the Bears would get Drew back at some point, but it now seems as though that is not the case. At the July event, Dykes said of Drew: "Yeah, we'll see. We're not going to have him early, and in hopes that we might have him late at some point, but chances are we're probably not going to have him at all during the season."

Nickel back Caleb Coleman, who took an injury retirement due to concussions, will remain with the team as a student assistant. Dykes also talks about moving Jaylinn Hawkins to nickel and safety, as well as the fullback duties of J.D. Hinnant.

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