BTTV: Art Kaufman Reviews Hawaii

BERKELEY -- How did Cal defensive coordinator Art Kaufman grade out the Bears' game against Hawaii? What will Cal be looking for against San Diego State?

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BERKELEY -- California defensive coordinator Art Kaufman breaks down some of the personnel decisions from the Sydney Cup, how difficult it was to decipher Hawaii and what he saw from the defense in Wednesday's scrimmage, which featured a sack and a hurry from Chinedu Udeogu and two tackles for loss by Chris Yaghi.


"Coming off of the game against Hawaii, we've got a lot of work to do. The biggest thing for us going into any game, especially a first game, is to find out where we are. Obviously, we gave up too many yards rushing in that game, gave up some big plays, and we've got to get better at it. Some of it was maybe scheme busts or mistakes, but the biggest thing is, we've just got to make sure that we don't beat ourselves. That's the biggest thing we're trying to improve on this week." lack of pass rush: "One of the big things that those guys were doing was running the ball so much that some of their play-action stuff [...] the big thing is, we had no clue, going into that ballgame, of what kind of offense we were going to see, whether we were going to see a Reno [pistol] offense, or we were going to see an older style Hawaii offense from back in the June Jones days, or we were going to see an Eastern Washington influence, so our first quarter was to try to figure out what was going to go on in this game, and then, be able to go from there."

What did you think of the performance of the safeties? It looked like they were going deep middle on you a lot: "They did some. Again, the one thing in our back seven, we had two guys who had started a game, and that was our nickel (Cameron Walker) and one of the corners (Darius Allensworth). Both safeties (Khari Vanderbilt and Evan Rambo) are young, the backups are young, not real experienced. We've got to make a jump with all those guys that are inexperienced."

On absence of Antoine Albert and Traveon Beck: "One of the things, the game seemed like it was close the whole game, early especially, until right before half. The big thing we tried to do, is guys that were in the game at that time, we just left those guys in there."

On transitioning from a spread to a power run team: "The big thing we try to do, going into the Hawaii game, we didn't know if they were a power run, a spread, we really didn't know what we would see, so we practiced for everything. We've seen San Diego State, so we have a better idea of what they're doing, and, plus, a better idea of where we are as a team, so we'll spend our time more on the execution of our fundamentals against certain offenses. This is basically a two-back team. We'll see. This week, it's going to be about us. This week, we're just getting better at our own, individual schemes." only targeted Allensworth's side of the field maybe twice, maybe three times. How confident are you in Marloshawn Franklin? "Marloshawn came in and gave us some quality time and did some good things. Ashtyn Davis did some good things out there, so the development of those guys, coming along, as you look at our corners, Darius is the only guy that's played. The other guys are going to play, but they're not there, yet. We've got to bring them along in practice, but I was really pleased with Marloshawn."

Is Beck going to play more: "He will. Right now, we've got him in the rotation, but he's down the road a little bit. He will get in, eventually, this year."

What did you take from the young guys' scrimmage today: "I think the big thing is, when we got back in and look at the film. Some of the guys that were young, that didn't get any snaps, some were the ones who got a few snaps, and I'll be interested to see where they were, before we went over to Australia. One thing I got, is that they have the energy and the want-to to do it, and that's what it takes."

On Udeogu: "He's a guy who's got a lot of ability. He's an inexperienced guy, obviously, but he's got a lot of ability, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's going to be able to do this year. He's going to play for us."

On the interior DL: "James Looney played extremely well. Did a great job in there, and then as far as his backup, [Luc] Bequette, his first game playing, trying to get his feet wet, and doing those types of things, but I thought we did an adequate job, there. We just had some second-level or edge mis-fits on some of the runs, and that's where our plays were given up." Top Stories