GAME FILM: Every snap of Cal quarterback commit Chase Garbers' 334-yard game against El Toro

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Newport Beach (Calif.) Corona Del Mar quarterback Chase Garbers was done with work with six minutes left in the third quarter against Lake Forest (Calif.) El Toro, but did more than enough to guide the Sea Kings to a 42-13 win.

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- California quarterback commit Chase Garbers of Newport Beach (Calif.) Corona Del Mar completed 18 of 24 passes for 334 yards and four touchdowns, but the drop-back passer was more than just an arm in the 42-13 win over Lake Forest (Calif.) El Toro on Friday. The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder showed off his toughness in getting two fourth-and-short first downs on QB sneaks, and also pinballed his way to a 15-yard touchdown -- one of two he scored on the ground against the Chargers. Garbers finished the day with six rushing attempts for 29 yards, scoring a touchdown or converting for a first down on four of those six carries. He was not sacked once., after a drop on his third attempt of the day, completed his next eight passes, including a 68-yard touchdown to 2018 prospect Tae Le

Garbers finished his day going 3-for-3 on his final two drives -- a two-play drive that saw him hit Le for a 37-yard strike, and then Reece Perez for a 10-yard score; and a one-play drive that saw him toss a screen to Le for five yards that, one stiff-arm later, turned into an 82-yard touchdown.

What stuck out about Cal's 2017 signal-caller? He's got swagger. He's got confidence. He's got command. Playing quarterback is so much more than just having physical tools, and Garbers has the intangibles in spades. I really wanted to see him work through his progressions, and him targeting Le as much as he did (10 targets) is a bit concerning, but he did show good vision, and exploited mismatches. Though not known for his running ability, it was a pleasant surprise to see his toughness, particularly on the flipping touchdown he ripped off after finding his receivers covered in the end zone. I wasn't expecting that kind of athleticism out of him.

The big knock on Garbers will be his size, but at 6-foot-3, he has plenty of room to add size, and I think that he could be a productive runner, given time in a college weight room. He won't beat you with his speed, but he doesn't need to, as we saw from Davis Webb in the opening act against Hawaii, when he took a speed option for a touchdown in Australia.

 That said, running isn't where Garbers's bread is buttered, at least, not as much as Max Gilliam and Victor Viramontes. One of his runs -- which only amounted to four yards -- saw him scramble east and west a lot, before turning up field. He ran about 25 yards to gain 4, and should have thrown it away. That's one thing I'd liked to have seen more of -- having to make snap decision on his feet -- but that wasn't going to come against the El Toro defense. 

No, Garbers will make his hay as a thrower, and that's where he impressed me.

18-for-24 is a pretty good line, as it is, but looking deeper, one of his incompletions was a throw-away, and I noted three drops. Only two incompletions were true incompletions, and even when he didn't connect, he almost always hit his receivers in their hands, giving them a chance to make a play.

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