BTTV: Art Kaufman Talks Texas

BERKELEY -- Cal defensive coordinator Art Kaufman breaks down the Texas quarterbacks and run game.

BERKELEY -- Beyond the run game, what challenges does Texas present? California defensive coordinator Art Kaufman explains.


"We've got a lot of work to get done. Last week, we gave up too many long runs, and the rushing yards is one thing, but there are too many big runs for touchdowns, and that's the thing we've got to keep working to get corrected. We did some technique things, and some scheme fits where we've got to make sure we got to fit it up right." reviewing the fits from the San Diego State game tape: "You look at a lot of inexperienced guys that are in there. Some of them have played, but there's a lot of young guys in there, and we've got some things where we didn't get it fit exactly the way it needs to be, and if you do that against a good back and a good team, they make you pay."

Playing Texas, with two, 250-pound backs in Chris Warren and D'Onta Foreman, they're bigger than all of your linebackers. How much more important do fit and scheme, and being assignment sound, become? "I think in anything you play, it becomes critical that you do that. Some of it is the speed of a back. Some of it's the power of the back. The backs we'll see this week, if you're in the hole with him, it's you and them, it doesn't mean you've got them. You'd better handle up on him and bring your pads, every time."

What stands out most about Texas: "Probably the tempo of their offense. They're snapping the ball with 30 seconds left on a 40-second clock. Their tempo is extremely fast. The skill at receiver, they've got a lot of speed at receiver. Their quarterback (Shane Buechele), even though he's young, he knows what they're asking him to do."

What have you thought of him as a freshman, doing what he's done: "I think he's done a nice job. He's got two wins under his belt, he throws a great long ball, and a guy that's extremely poised in doing what they ask him to do."

Do they use their quarterbacks (Buechle and Tyrone Swoopes) like Florida used Chris Leak and Tim Tebow, where if one guy is in, you know he's going to run, and the other one will throw: "They do quite a bit of run and throw with No. 7 (Buechele) in the game, and 18 (Swoopes) has been a starting quarterback, who knows how to throw it. I'm sure they've got enough passing game in there to go with him. When they need it, that's what they do." What have you seen out of Jerrod Heard in the first two games as a receiver? "He's a great athlete. We know what kind of athlete he is, and they'll get him the ball as it goes along. We've got to know where he's at."

What stands out to you about their receivers? "They're big guys, and they can run. They've got a lot of straight-line speed, and they run a lot of straight-line routes. They're tall, and they're extremely fast."

Coming off the game last year, what was your impression of that team? "Last year was a little bit different team, because of the quarterback [Heard], and especially the offense. It's a different style of offense, and this year, it's a different offense. They know what they're doing, and I think this team is 2-0, they're looking better."

Are they a spread-to-pass team that also happens to run, or are they more evolved than that? "They're like any offense. They spread you out. Whatever they feel is in their best interests, that's what they do."

Is it unusual for a spread team like that to be so powerful at running back? "Not at all. You look at a lot of teams that spread people out and pound them. Their guys spread you out, you go with little guys in there, and they start pounding with the big running backs."

Does their tempo make substitutions difficult? "it's hard to substitute when the ball's snapped wit 31 seconds left, for them and for us. We've got to know when to sub and when not to sub, and that's the most important thing."

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