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Cal head coach Sonny Dykes puts the kibosh on any more potential end zone fumbles

BERKELEY -- After Enwere's drop, Cal issues new program edict: Just hand the ball to the official.

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BERKELEY -- California's program motto for the past three years has been 'Blue Collar, Gold Swagger.' After running back Vic Enwere had a bit too much of that swagger at the end of Saturday's upset of then-No. 11 Texas, head coach Sonny Dykes held a team meeting on Sunday to address the issue of end zone behavior.


"It's one of those things that you get your point across, and like everything else, our job is to teach and motivate, so we'll teach them what we want. We'll hold them to that standard, and then, we'll help motivate them," Dykes said, before pausing, and laughing, with a tinge of mischief.

Dykes did plenty of hollering at Enwere as the Big 12 officials debated whether Longhorns safety Dylan Haines picked the ball up within a reasonable amount of time, and where exactly Enwere dropped the ball. Then, he embraced the Missouri City, Tex., native, told him he loved him, and the officials awarded Cal the ball.

In recent years, Joe Mixon and DeSean Jackson have both tried to pull the same trick as Enwere, and it has never resulted in anything but consternation and ignominy.

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1707921-big-12-official-ex... "We're in an accountability world. This is an accountability business," Dykes said. "That's what's great about college football, is that's the world that we exist in, and I think it's really good for young people, that are in our program and college football programs across the country, to get taught about accountability. I think that's something that, unfortunately, isn't taught that much anymore. The great thing about Vic was, we held him accountable on Saturday night, we hollered at him, then we patted him on the head, told him we love him, realize he made a mistake, and we don't want him to make the mistake again. Then, he came in here and he answered questions, came to the press conference, and had to be accountable again."

From now on, the Bears will hand the ball to the official after a score. "We'll even allow them to toss it to 'em," Dykes smirked.  "I think that probably makes the most sense, anyway. We haven't had an issue with that. We're not an end zone dance football team. That's not our thing. We're not that kind of program."

" Our job is to teach [accountability], and remind young people that their actions don't just affect themselves," Dykes said. "They affect 115 of our players, and 475,000 of our alums, and 60,000 of our fans, and all our families and everybody that's along for the ride. I think it's our job to teach those young people that it's not just about them."


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