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Cal safety Evan Rambo is lost for the year with an ACL injury

California has lost its third starting safety in three months, as Evan Rambo goes down with an ACL injury

Tuesday Press Conference Transcript (members)

BERKELEY -- California head coach Sonny Dykes confirmed on Tuesday that starting safety Evan Rambo was lost for the season, due to an ACL injury.

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Rambo, who took over when the Bears lost Griffin Piatt to injury retirement and Damariay Drew in spring ball due to a torn ACL, went down late in the first half against Arizona State. Rambo had 10 tackles, one interception and one breakup this season.

"Rambo's done for the year," Dykes said. "He's got an ACL injury. [Defensive tackle Luc] Bequette (knee), we're kind of getting him all figured out. Khalfani [Muhammad] should play and [Darius] Allensworth should play."

Against Utah, the Bears saw second-string freshman Jaylinn Hawkins step up into the rotation, and will continue to back up Luke Rubenzer.

"The biggest thing he brings to it is that when he was a corner, he was a big corner, so that's a good transition, from a body standpoint," safeties coach Greg Burns said last week. "Now, you've got a big corner playing safety, which means, now, we have an athletic safety. For all the things that we need to do, he's picking it up, and I'm excited about him getting a chance to get some reps. There's always been confidence. It's just, how much does a three get a rep? Now, he's obviously a two, so now, he's getting more reps, so he's improving and doing things that he knew he knew he could do, and I knew he could do, but the reps didn't give him a chance to do it."

He and Khari Vanderbilt will have their hands full against Oregon State and Victor Bolden, who has 581 all-purpose yards this season, including 144 receiving yards and 115 rushing yards.

"He's a big guy," Vanderbilt said. "Utah had big guys just like him, and we were able to hold them down. We're planning on being just as physical with him as with any receiver."

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