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USA Football named James Looney's stop of Utah's final run as the Fundamental Play of the Week

James Looney's goal-line stop against Utah is named the Pac-12's Fundamental Play of the Week by USA Football, an honor that bestows a $4,000 equipment grant to a local youth football organization.

Each week during the 2016 college football season, The Pac-12 Networks, along with USA Football, feature a Fundamental Play of the Week from the previous weekend’s slate of games, in order to encourage proper technique. This week, it's California defensive tackle James Looney ability to blow up the play and seal the victory for Cal. In recognition of Looney's play, USA Football will award a $4,000 equipment grant to Livermore Junior Football League. Each week, in recognition of the various FPOW's, USA Football awards such a grant to a local youth football organization within the selected university's market.

As Pac-12 Networks analyst Yogi Roth points out, there were several keys to Looney's play:

  • As the ball is snapped, Looney gets a strong initial punch on the offensive lineman.
  • Looney displays an understanding of leverage, demonstrating a good bend and relying on the strength from his lower body.
  • Looney's quick first step allows him to shed the block and make contact with Moss in the backfield, where he continues to drive his feet to prevent Moss from advancing.

"I loved that coach put faith in us," Looney said afterward. "It was my time to make a play at the end, and I made it."

Starting quarterback Davis Webb, this week, said is confidence in the defense -- which made six straight stops inside its own 10-yard line -- never wavered.

"As an offensive guy, I would have enjoyed if coach [Sonny] Dykes called a time out, but he old us on the sideline that the defense was going to stop them," Webb said. "Coach [Art] Kaufman had a great game plan going in, for the final 10 yards of the game. They proved him right. Our defense stepped up. It was such a great tam win, to see the defensive side of the ball, my teammates, step up the way they did, see the hard work they put in this summer, in fall camp, throughout the season, pay off in a moment like that. I had total faith in our defense. I go against them every single day, and I know we have a good defense. Seeing that was an unbelievable experience for everybody."

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