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Cal lacked energy against Oregon State, and quarterback Davis Webb injured during second possession

Davis Webb's off night was due to a hand he injured on the second possession, said Cal head coach Sonny Dykes, who admitted the Bears sleepwalked through Saturday's game against the Beavers.

California head coach Sonny Dykes

"You've got to tip your hat to Oregon State. They found a way to beat us."

"We did not play well in the first half. That was pretty clear. We talked to our players all week about how important it was to get off to a good start, and did not get off to a good start. We really struggled to get off the field on defense, and struggled to execute anything on offense."

"We were able to run the ball in the second half, a little bit. Davis [Webb] hurt his hand in the first half, had a hard time gripping the ball. We felt like he still gave us the best opportunity to win. He clearly didn't throw the ball like he normally throws it. We'll evaluate and see where we go from here, but I thought he toughed it out, fought through it and got us back in the ballgame and had a chance to win it.""We're going to turn the tape on and see some throws that are there, and some receivers that are open. There are times when it didn't bother him, and other times it did, so you've got to give Oregon State tremendous credit. Our guys fought hard in the second half, but I felt like it was too little, too late. When you got off to that bad of a start, and dug ourselves that big of a hole, it's hard to come back from. Just a disappointing night."

On Cal's scores in the last seven minutes: "I just told them that I didn't think we deserved to win, because we just, to go on the road, and play in this league, you have to play four quarters. You have to play well for four quarters. We sleep-walked for the first half. We just didn't play well. Everything leading up to it, we had a great week of practice, our preparation was good, our focus was good, all the stuff that it takes to perform well was there. For some reason, we just weren't there. You've still got to give Oregon State credit. To dig yourself that big of a hole, most of the time, you're not going to be able to get out of it. We just squandered too many opportunities to win the ballgame."

Linebacker Ray Davison said the team was lacking energy: "I don't have a clue. I don't know how that can happen. That's something we talked to them about all week, the importance of being excited to play. For us to play well, we're not a team that can just show up. We've said that over and over and over again. We have to play with an edge. We're not good enough to sleepwalk. We have to play very hard, we have to play very well, we have to be very focused to give ourselves a chance to win. We just weren't there, emotionally, today, and again, that's my fault. My job's getting them ready to play. I knew this was going to be a hard place to come play. I knew Oregon State would play well. I knew they had this game circled, because they felt like they had a great chance to win the game. I think they felt like it was probably a good match up for them, coming in. We talked all week about how hard they were going to play, and how much we needed to match their emotion."

On Oregon State having several former players come in to pump them up this week: "I thought they played very hard. I thought they played hard and I thought they played well."

On Khalfani Muhammad and Tre Watson in the second half: "Like I said, we struggled to throw the ball. We certainly weren't ourselves. We throw it pretty well, and we just couldn't get our passing game going. Those guys [Watson and Muhammad] gave us a chance. Khalfani, I thought, ran the ball very well. Tre ran it well. That gave us a chance during the fourth quarter, to get back in the ballgame and have a chance to win it. Clearly, we've got to stop the run. We can't win a football game and let people run on you like these guys ran on us. We tried to do everything we could do to get it fixed. We tried to move the front, we tried to run backers through, we played zero coverage, we tried to run blitz, we tried to go to an eight-man front -- anything we could do to give ourselves a chance, we tried it. We just couldn't get it done." Webb's hand: "It's too early to know anything yet."

When did he hurt his hand: "I think it was the second possession."

Thought process behind getting Chase Forrest or Ross Bowers a shot: "Davis has performed pretty well and gave us a chance to win. We're trying to win football games, and we're going to do whatever we think gives us the best chance to do that."

On timing of bye week: "We're pretty beat up. From that standpoint, I think it's good. I don't think it's ever good to lose a game like this before a bye. It puts a bad taste in your mouth. We're going to get after it, though, and start practicing tomorrow and we're going to work hard to improve and get better in areas where we have to improve and get better at."

Linebacker Ray Davison

What was Dykes's message to you after the game: "I mean, he said it was too late. You can't come out that flat against any team. Any given day, anybody can be beaten, and we came out too flat. That was the bottom line."

What was different for the defense from the last two games: "We can't come out that flat. We can't be a good defense here and a good defense there. We always have to do our assignments, we have to be physical and we didn't do that today."

On Beavers running back Ryan Nall (219 yards on 14 carries): "He just made the plays. We weren't in our gaps. We weren't fitting correctly. There wasn't a lot of energy out there, and that was the biggest thing. He made his plays, but we gave them up a lot. It was our mistakes."

"You've got to practice. You've got to come doing what you're coached to do. That's something internally. We've got to find a way to get guys ready to play on the road. That's really the biggest thing."

Did you take OSU lightly: "I would say so, yeah. I wouldn't say we came here feeling ourselves, but we should have just come with more energy. That was the bottom line."

On his tipped pick six from Marloshawn Franklin: "The biggest thing was just running to the ball. Good things happen when you run to the ball. Marloshawn made a good play, and I was there, luckily, to return it."

Cal running backs Muhammad and Watson

What was Dykes's message after the game (Watson): "Pretty much to just keep our head down and keep playing football. We made a lot of mistakes in the first half, so we knew in the second half we just had to do our job and then we would have a chance to win, which we did."

With the passing game struggling, what did you think going into the second half (KM): "We knew going out there that we were going to have to go out there and execute the run game because the pass game was struggling. We just got out there and tried to do our best to put the team on our back."

Did you believe you could come back (TW): "Absolutely. We never doubt ourselves. We always have potential to win. We've just got to do our job every play and doing that, we can't be stopped. We went out there and fought to the end. That's all we can do -- play football, play hard."

Dykes mentioned a lack of energy, did you feel that (KM): "We came out a little bit flat. We've got to come out with a little bit more energy and get the flow going. Coming out there flat cost us the game. Making a lot of minor mistakes that really cost us on the end, we dug ourselves in a hole. We've got to correct those mistakes going forward."

Other than Webb's hand, was there anything else did Oregon State do to halt the passing game (TW): "Not really. It was more on us. We go out there every day and really just focus on us. If we do our job, we can't be stopped. We just went out there and made a lot of mistakes early, so it hurt us in the end

Same (KM): "Oregon State came out and played a tremendous game. They put us in a hole for a little bit, and we had to fight back from behind, which really cost us. Hats off to them. We've just got to go back to the drawing board and keep moving forward."

How do you bounce back from a loss like this (TW): "Forget about it. Practice. [Play] Cal football. [Be] Fast and physical. That's all you can do."

Same (KM): "Any given weekend, anybody can be beaten. You see we came out here and took a loss, so you've just got to go back and execute. It's the little things that make a big difference."

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