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Cal quarterback Davis Webb did not ask to come out, Cal looking at Ross Bowers and Chase Forrest this week

BERKELEY -- After injuring his hand against Oregon State, Cal will hold quarterback Davis Webb out of practice on Tuesday, along with receiver Chad Hansen, who sprained his left ankle.

On California's second drive on Saturday against Oregon State, the nation's No. 2 quarterback, Davis Webb, suffered what he termed a "freak accident ... a freaky deal." "He's not sure how it happened," said head coach Sonny Dykes, who called it a "hand injury," and said that he thinks his starting quarterback "will be fine."

"I think he fell on the ground and got his hand jammed," Dykes said.

Webb said that he thought it happened in the process of throwing.

Neither Webb -- nor his favorite receiver, Chad Hansen -- will practice for the first two days of the week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Hansen -- who entered Saturday as the No. 2 receiver in the nation in yards, yards per game and catches -- left with 8:36 left in the fourth quarter, after being rolled by Shemiah Unutoa-Whitson as he set up a block on a screen pass to Vic Wharton. He walked off in a walking boot, and has been diagnosed with a sprained left ankle. Hansen has 770 catches and eight touchdowns on 59 receptions this season.

"He's sore right now, so we're going to let him heal up," Dykes said. "It's early, but we're hopeful for both of them [to play against Oregon]."

Webb was in severe pain against the Beavers, leading to a 23-for-44 night on which he threw for just 113 yards, no touchdowns and one interception.

Webb is 183-of-301 on the season, with seven interceptions to 22 touchdowns.

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"My hand really, really hurt the entire game," Webb said. "I can't stress that enough. It was very painful to even grip a football, or think about holding the football. It's hard to do that when you're trying to throw the football. It was extremely painful, I tried to battle through it, and I think I did a pretty bad job playing with it."

Though Webb would not go into specifically what happened, inside receiver Ray Hudson did let slip during Tuesday's press conference that Webb came to the sideline and explained that it was the thumb on his throwing hand that was injured.

"I think everybody knew on my team, and who was watching on TV, that I wasn't myself," Webb said. "It's hard to play quarterback, especially because I like to throw the ball, and we throw the ball a bunch here. We couldn't really do that on Saturday, because of the injury that I did have on my hand."

Webb said he could not grip the football, and wasn't playing very well, to begin with.

"I tried to battle through it and fight for my teammates, and we came close in overtime, but it was a terrible loss," Webb said. "We're getting back with the trainers and trying to have the opportunity to get better so that I can play by next week. It's gotten better since Saturday, and that's always great. I'm trying to make sure that I have a chance to play next week. I'm worried about the day-by-day process, trying to get better, be a good teammate today, watch practice and help the other quarterbacks out." The week will give the Bears a chance to look at both redshirt sophomore Chase Forrest and redshirt freshman Ross Bowers. Forrest played in three games last season, going 10-for-18, but didn't attempt a single pass after the second game of the season (0-for-1 against San Diego State). Bowers redshirted.

Even given how poorly Webb did on the long balls (see Monday Morning Quarterback Analysis), Dykes never had any thought of replacing Webb.

"No, I didn't," Dykes said, flatly.

When asked if he ever considered pulling himself out, Webb said, "That's not my job."

"My job," Webb continued, "is to go out there, play the best for my teammates and do what I'm coached to do. I told [the coaches] the truth, I told them how I felt, told them it was very painful, but I'm a competitor, and I didn't want to come out of the game."

Webb has had X-rays and an MRI, but said he wanted to keep that private.

This week, Bowers and Forrest will take center stage. 27 different quarterbacks have taken snaps in the Pac-12, and all teams except the Bears have played at least one backup. With five of their six games being decided by 10 points or less, Cal has not had the luxury of playing either backup, who have not separated themselves from one another throughout the season.

"It's been a good competition, for Ross and Chase, both," Dykes said. "I think they've both improved. They'll get the lion's share of the reps this week, and we'll have an opportunity to sit back and evaluate it, and spend some time looking at it. Clearly, you always need to develop your young quarterbacks. That's part of building a successful program, is developing your young players, and particularly, that position. We have confidence in both of them."

Cal will re-assess the quarterback situation on Thursday, talk about it through the weekend, take Friday and Saturday off, before re-engaging on Sunday for the short week against the Ducks.

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