BTTV: Breaking Down the Quarterbacks

California offensive coordinator Jake Spavital talks run game trust, his backup quarterbacks and more as the bye week comes to a close.

BERKELEY -- California offensive coordinator Jake Spavital went back to basics with backup quarterbacks Ross Bowers and Chase Forrest this week, and hit some special-situation plays which they haven't repped since fall camp. With starter Davis Webb on the mend, Spavital was able to re-coach the young pair, and truly see just how they've improved since fall camp.

"It was really good for them, in terms of letting Davis rest up this week, and devoting all the time to them," Spavital said. 

Head coach Sonny Dykes said on Thursday that if the Bears had to play this week -- instead of 7:30 p.m. next Friday at Memorial Stadium against Oregon -- Webb would not be able to go.

Spavital would not venture a guess as to who would start in his place.

"I still need some more practices with that one," he laughed. "I ain't giving that one up."

Spavital, did, however, discuss how the two younger signal callers have improved.

"The thing that I commend both of those guys [on], is that they get better each day," Spavital said of Bowers and Forrest. "That's kind of a coach-speak type of thing, where you're saying they're coming in and they've got the mentality to get better, but you actually see the improvements of those guys, and a lot of it just has to do with the repetitions and being more comfortable with it. The game starts to slow down, and they're starting to feel more confident in themselves. I think what we see now, from what we saw back in fall camp, and back in spring ball, is that their confidence is at a higher level."

A main emphasis early in the week was getting back to routes that the Bears haven't run much, and we saw that during a second routes-on-air segment of practice, that was not a part of the warm-up routine, as is usually the case.

"You forget that we're still a young team, and we're moving these guys around, and bye weeks are a great time to work on the fundamentals, work on the timing and work on the things you're not very good at, or that we need to coach up better," Spavital said. "I thought Tuesday and Wednesday, we really slowed it down and took out a lot of team work, and focused on individual stuff."




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