Cal head coach Sonny Dykes relieved for double-overtime win, but unhappy about short USC week

BERKELEY -- Cal head coach Sonny Dykes lays into scheduling after double-overtime win, and before shirt week against idle USC.

BERKELEY -- California head coach Sonny Dykes breaks down the Bears' double-overtime win over Oregon at home, and Cal's quick turnaround to face USC, a team which will have had 13 days to prepare, after playing a FBS-record 118 offensive snaps against the Ducks on Friday night. Those 118 plays generated 636 yards of total offense, compared to the Ducks' 85 offensive plays (they came in averaging just over 70) for 450 total yards. The snap numbers do not take into account the fact that each team committed 14 penalties, for a combined 279 yards.

"Everybody was tired emotionally -- I know I certainly am," Dykes said. "We have a game in six days, which is crazy, absolutely nuts, that we have to go around to USC in six days and play a team that's had 13 days off to prepare for us. Utah had an extra day to prepare for us, Arizona State had a day to prepare for us, and now USC will have an extra week to prepare for us. I don't think there's equity in scheduling. I don't think it's right for these players to miss school. We're asking our players to do things we don't believe in, but we're going to rebound and play our tails off."

Cal will travel to Los Angeles on Thursday to face a very well-rested Trojans team at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and, as on Friday night, the two will kick off at 7:30 p.m. Top Stories