Scott: Academics Not a Factor in Scheduling

LOS ANGELES -- Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott addresses the back-to-back mid-week games played by California.

LOS ANGELES -- Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott met with Pac-12 media before California's road contest against USC, addressing the fact that the Bears are playing on a short week, against a team that is coming in on a bye. Academic concerns, Scott said, were not a part of the parameters that go in to determining game scheduling. The theme of the overall discussion, which also covered the rash of late start times: Television deals rule the roost.

"Given our obligations to television, and all the other things that we have to work around, situations like this happen from time to time," Scott said. "There's a great appreciation our schools have for the challenges of scheduling."

Those "other things," do not include the member schools' academic schedules.

"That hasn't been a parameter, academic schedules, per se, so that hasn't come up," Scott said.

It is television, and not academics or equitable scheduling -- Scott cited the fact that UCLA played on two straight Thursday's last season -- that chiefly dictates when games are played.

"This has happened before, in the last five years, actually," Scott said.

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That, however, is incorrect. This is the first time in Pac-12 history that one team has played, with less than week to prepare, against a team coming off a bye, but Scott equivocated when presented with that fact, once again citing UCLA from last season.

"That happens from time to time," Scott maintained. "We've got a long list of scheduling parameters that have been heavily vetted, from our athletic directors and others and the parameter clearly states that you can't bring back a team on five days. Six days is OK. You couldn't play a Saturday gam and then be asked to play on Thursday. You'll never see that. But, Friday to Thursday is OK. Thursday to Thursday is OK. There are conferences that will go Saturday to Thursday, but our conference doesn't."

Cal has played twice as many night road games in conference as the average of the other 11 teams in the past four seasons, but Scott touted the late times as being good for East Coast, late-night viewing. Top Stories