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Cal defensive line coach Fred Tate breaks down Washington State's offense and Cal's run defense

California defensive line coach Fred Tate stopped to talk about Cal's depleted defensive line and the Bears' run defense ahead of facing a newly-frisky Cougars run game.

Has Washington State re-made itself by running more? "Watching them and breaking them down and looking at them, they have. They've run a tremendous amount more than they have. They've been ahead of a few people, where they didn't have to toss it around the park, to burn some time off the clock. That might be part of it. And, their run game is better.

"You go to Oregon State, and you look at the breakdown, and eight plays in a row, they ran the football. I don't know if they saw something, to where they did it, but we've got the challenge of stopping the run each week. We've struggled with that, all year. It looks like they'll come into the game probably trying to run against us."

Is there a through line with regards to Cal's inability to stop the run? Is it as simple as not being able to tackle? "I don't know if it's not being able to tackle. The thing about it is, we've struggled with things from youth to different parts of the puzzle missing, and then inserting pieces of the puzzle that don't have experience. Going back and looking at it, as you try to fix things, you do certain things each week, at the end of the day, you've got to tackle better and play better."

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1726387-bear-republic-podc...What kind of an impact have the injuries to Luc Bequette and Russell Becker had? "We've got three defensive linemen that factored into our mix, inside, that are not even playing. We've really got three guys left, and we got Chris Palmer from the offensive line -- who was a former defensive lineman -- into the mix. We've got some guys on the edge that got nicks and bruises, but the bottom line is, we've got to continue to play up front with some aggression, and get better, there."

How big of an impact will Washington natives Evan Weaver and sacks and TFL leader Cameron Saffle have, especially with DeVante Wilson having not practiced much this week? "The thing is, not sure which direction this game's going to go, in terms of rush or pass. If it goes to a passing situation, to where we're playing a lot of snaps with those guys, we'll roll Weaver a lot more, and [Noah] Westerfield a lot more, than probably we had been.

"Weaver's got the burst, but in the fourth quarter, we've got to be fresher. If it turns into a throwing contest, which it did two years ago, we've got to have fresh guys, and we've got to roll them."

Washington State isn't a fast-paced team, but they are running over 79 plays per game (11th in the nation), so does that make depth that much more important? "They've slowed down some. Now, they do have the ability to hurry up, but they have slowed down some, so that will help, and that will help keep some guys fresh, if they're not playing fast reps, fast reps, fast reps."

Depending on whether the Cougars run or throw, will their offensive line splits widen and tighten? "They're consistent in their wide splits, since I've coached against that style of offense. I don't see them varying the width of their splits. Now, if something's happening where we give them some trouble, they might tighten them down, but I don't see them getting any wider. They'll probably stay the same -- real wide splits. It separates your defense. If they're wider, obviously, your defense is wider. It stretches your defensive ends wide, it stretches your tackles wide, makes more space between one guy and the next guy."

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