BTTV: Steven Moore Press Conference

BERKELEY -- Cal right tackle Steven Moore talks final home game, and UCLA.

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Cal vs. UCLA: By the Numbers

BERKELEY -- California fifth-year senior Steven Moore is the Bears' active career leader in both starts (47) and consecutive starts (41). His thoughts on his final home game against UCLA:

On the season: "I think putting it on one point is pretty hard to do, saying one specific thing. I think a lot of things addd together to end up where we ended up. Injuries didn't help. I think it's just a culmination of things -- breaks that we didn't get in games, there were certain games that were close, that we had opportunities to finish, but we didn't -- and if you look back on that, there were a lot of games that we could have won that we didn't win, and there's a lot of games that we could have lost, but we did win. Our season could have gone either way, up or down."

Disappointment this season: "It's really disappointing. It's probably something that will bother me for a long time, ending up being 4-7 right now, after going 1-11, 5-7 and then going 8-5, and trying to bring back the program and having a setback this year -- my senior year -- is not what I wanted, not what any of us wanted. I'm confident that the guys that are still going to be here, confident in what they're going to do next. I wanted to get the Axe, but didn't end up ever getting that, never got to touch that when I was a player at Cal."

Final trip through the tunnel: "It's probably going to be pretty emotional, probably be more emotional for my mom than it will be for me. I can see my mom getting teary-eyed, for sure. I'll know that I put everything into this program, so I don't have any regrets, because I did everything I can. It's going to be emotional, but it will all be worth it, and I'll be happy, and moving on next, I don't know. I've put everything into this season. I haven't really thought about what's next. I'm focusing on right now. I'll figure that out on Sunday or Monday."

On UCLA: "They're a pretty good defense, a pretty good front seven, that's for sure. They have a lot of athletes. They don't run necessarily as many stunts as we've seen the past few weeks, not as much as Stanford running stunts, or Washington, Washington State. They ran a lot of twists and blitzes and stuff. But, they're more base, when it comes to that, but they have good athletes in their base packages. They're going to be a good test for us. It'll be a fun game, my last game." Top Stories