Cal running back Khalfani Muhammad and receiver Bug Rivera talk Senior Day win over UCLA

BERKELEY -- Khalfani Muhammad and Bug Rivera go out with a bang in 36-10 win over UCLA.

BERKELEY -- With his uncle, Carolina Panthers had coach Ron Rivera serving as an honorary captain, California senior Bug Rivera caught six passes for 39 yards and his fourth career touchdown for the Bears in a 36-10 win over UCLA. Running back Khalfani Muhammad, also playing in his final game at Memorial Stadium, rushed for 116 yards on 29 carries, and caught six passes for 48 yards, moving into third on the school's career all-purpose yardage list, now with 4,575 yards.


Rivera on what his uncle told him: "He was just telling me to go out there, have fun and play loose, and do what I always do. I took that to heart, really. That's the biggest thing for me, to play loose. Getting that touchdown, going out there like that, ending my season like that, can't beat it." on running for 4.0 yards per carry in his final game as a senior: "It means a lot. Coming into this game, I was like, 'I'm going to let loose, and just have a good time with it. I'm going to go out here and enjoy every moment possible, and take advantage of all the opportunities.' Coming out here and actually executing, I feel pretty good about it, had a good day, and got the win -- that's the most important."

Rivera on how Sonny Dykes geared practice to benefit the seniors going into this game: "He brought us up to speak to the team, put us at the forefront of everything. He let us talk to the team, and really show how important it's been for us to be here. I mean, we got a lot of slack during the week of practice, but he was hard on us when we needed to compete with the defense, and vice versa. I think he handled everything the right way."

Muhammad on practice: "Every year, we emphasize going out, letting the seniors go out with a win. This whole week, this whole time, it's just, 'Let's do it for the seniors.' We had all the young cats coming out here and execute everything that we worked on. Can't ask for anything better."

How different was it to not have to score on every possession, with the defense playing like it did (Rivera): "It was amazing. Our defense played really well. We knew that, going into the game, that our defense had the right scheme to kind of stop the offense, and it took a lot of pressure off us. We still wanted to keep our foot on the gas pedal, and try and score every possession."

Muhammad on the Cal offensive line: "Up front, we've just been getting stronger, and coming quick off the ball. I've got to appreciate and give thanks to those guys, right there, because without them, I couldn't get nothing. With them coming out there and working hard, even when they get beat, they come back and just keep fighting and I've got a lot of respect for them."

Coming out of the tunnel for the final time (Muhammad): "It was something special. It's the last time, so, like I said, just enjoy every moment, be in the atmosphere, live in the moment, and just soak it all in. Hey, can't ask for anything better. Do I wish I could go back? Nope."

Rivera: "For me, you know how they say that you have that flash back moment before you die? I feel like everything went through my mind. I remember my first time walking out through that tunnel, when I first transferred in, everything, and it was an amazing feeling." Top Stories