Sonny Dykes (Kelley L. Cox / USA TODAY Sports)

Constant updates on the situation with Cal head coach Sonny Dykes and Baylor, as well as other moves

Will Sonny Dykes head back to Texas? What's to become of Art Kaufman and the Cal defense? We've got the latest.

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It has been reported that Baylor -- being guided by Mack Rhodes -- has targeted head coach Sonny Dykes as the replacement for Art Briles, who was fired in May after an independent investigation criticized Baylor's handling of sexual assault allegations involving students and football players.

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Dykes, a native of Big Spring, Tex., a Texas Tech grad, the son of legendary Red Raiders head coach Spike Dykes and a member of the Tech staff under Mike Leach, would be returning to his home state, and given the academic turnaround at Cal that has happened under his watch, and the Baylor Bears' recent scandals, it could be a fit.

Baylor recently offered the job to SMU head coach Chad Morris, offering him a five-year, $24.5 million offer, before his counter offer was reportedly not approved by Baylor. Given that Morris is 7-17 in two years -- and inherited a program that needed a top-down rebuild, Baylor's targeting of Dykes is not a surprise. He inherited a 3-9 team, and took that team from a 1-11 season to 5-7 to 8-5, producing the No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick in 2016, in Jared Goff, before falling to 5-7 this year, with one of the worst defenses in the nation -- 127th in the nation in scoring defense (42.6 ppg), 127th in rushing defense (272.9 ypg) and 125th in total defense (518.33 yards allowed per game).

Rhodes was the Athletic Director at Missouri during Dykes's reported flirtation with the Tigers last year, and reportedly interviewed Dykes for the job. When that did not bear fruit, Dykes and Cal signed an extension through 2019. Dykes, like Morris, is 47, and has a 19-30 record in four seasons at Cal. He was 22-15 in three seasons at Louisiana Tech.

While that's happening, defensive coordinator Art Kaufman is likely gone, as his contract is up, and preparations are under way, sources close to the program say, to replace him.

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