Postgame Video and Transcript: Cal head coach Cuonzo Martin talks about the Bears' loss to No. 18 Arizona

Full video and transcript of Cal head coach Cuonzo Martin breaking down the Bears' loss to No. 18 Arizona on Friday night.

California Head Coach Cuonzo Martin

"Good win by Arizona. They fought hard, turned it up in the second half. I thought we did some good things in the first half. I felt, when Ivan got in foul trouble, it kind of changed the momentum for us in the second half. Had to keep plugging away." On putting Ivan Rabb back in with four fouls late in the game: "We just didn't want to go long. I thought we were stagnant, offensively. A lot of our production, if he's on the floor, outside of how teams defend him, you go inside to him, guys can get shots, but I felt like we couldn't go too much longer without him, so we had to get him on the floor."

Zone in the second half, why did Arizona have so much success breaking the trap: "I just think, simply, guys that were defending the ball didn't take pride in defending. I think that's what happened in the second half. You've got to be aggressive. You've got to be assertive. You can't change. Just watching, I didn't think we did a good job on the perimeter guys, of just moving their feet and keeping the ball in front of you. I think it was that simple."

Last six and a half minutes, the only field goal was Jabari Bird's three, what was the cause of that stagnation: "When I say 'stagnant,' I thought we had good movement, but the shots just didn't go. Guy got to make a play. I thought we missed some at the rim. I thought King (Kingsley Okoroh) did some good things, offensively, just couldn't get the ball to go."

"I think that the biggest key is to defend, to continue to take pride in defending the ball, and I didn't think we did a very good job in the second half of containing the dribble. Offensively, it's one thing to say, 'Guys, step up,' but I think you are who you are. You're a catch-and-shoot guy, you're a post-up guy. You are who you are. You're not going to make a guy who's not a scorer, become a scorer. But, I think that's where you need Ivan on the floor, because he's a big part of our offense, whether he's receiving the ball or not. I think we'll be fine, but we've got to do a better job defending."

The job that Rabb did when he was on the floor: "I thought he did a good job. I was surprised he had a career high of 16 rebounds, but I thought he's had many rebounding nights like that. But I expect Ivan, with his ability to rebound, to be around 15 or 16 a night, just being assertive. Now, we've just got to find ways to keep him out of foul trouble."

On Charlie Moore's growth from the night: "This is 13, 14 games in. He's growing. The biggest key with Charlie is taking care of the ball. You can't have Charlie consistently having four turnovers a night. You've got to take care of the basketball. I think he has to continue to take pride in playing defense, one-on-one defense, and guarding guys, because they'll continue to go at him. I think those are the biggest keys. Other than that, he'll be fine."

On Moore's shot selection: "A couple ones, late, coming off the ball screen, I thought he should have made other plays, just how the big guys were defending him, they were riding him, so he probably should have made the next play." aggressive on defense early in the second half: "If I could have stopped every second and pulled the guys over, I could get a better answer, but it's just defending. It's just doing your job. It's doing your job, keeping the guy in front of you."

On trying to fill out the rotation with players who haven't been able to hit shots: "I think you are who you are. That's what it is. That's why, when you come off the bench and you don't have offensive production, you've got to be sound. You've got to almost be tremendous, defensively, rebounding and in all those other areas. Sometimes, you are who you are, and oftentimes, it is what it is."

On Okoroh: "King's a guy, he's better, offensively, than in most cases, what he shows, and he's strange, from a standpoint where he lacks confidence, sometimes, because he doesn't want to let you down with his game -- not that he's afraid to play or afraid to do something, but he wants to play a perfect game. He's a better offensive guy than he shows, because he has good moves -- the over-the-left-shoulder jump hook, that's a good shot for him. I'm just happy to see he was assertive, and really probably did it because Ivan was out, and they were guarding him one-on-one, but he's a better offensive guy than what he's obviously shown."

How do you get Okoroh to break out of that shell? "We talk about it all the time -- him being aggressive, him being assertive, him wanting the ball -- just wanting and doing. Flip side, if he'd have missed a couple of those shots, they might not have posted as hard." Top Stories