Cal forward Ivan Rabb says he's been here before, in win over USC

LOS ANGELES -- Cal forward Ivan Rabb has been at the free throw line in crucial situations before. He delivered again on Sunday, and talked about the win with us.

LOS ANGELES -- California forward Ivan Rabb sinks two free throws with 5.2 seconds left and then blocked 20-point scorer Jordan McLaughlin to seal a 74-73 win for the Bears.

Rabb on the final play: "Last play, I just wanted to make a play on the ball. I thought I just tried to make a basketball play. I'm just glad nobody fouled, and they funneled him to the basket, so we could make something happen."

Just waiting for Jordan McLaughlin to come to you: "Yeah, I had a shooter on my left side, so I didn't want to leave him, but once I saw him really commit to the basket, that's when I went over." fouled you twice in man, with Chimezie Metu, were you surprised they didn't send a double: "Yeah, they started going one-on-one, and it took us a while to recognize it. But, I feel like, every time they went one-on-one, I tried to make something happen, so I made a play to the rim. It's been so long since that happened that I was kind of a little rusty there, to make some of those moves, but it felt good."

On his fourth foul on the duck-in against Metu: "I didn't agree with the call. I didn't really feel him, to be honest, so I'm not really sure what I did. I was trying to get position, but I didn't really feel him behind me, so I touched him, but after that, I didn't really feel him, so I don't know what happened after that."

10 offensive rebounds in the first half, two in the second: "First half, we did a great job of getting on the glass. Second half, I was trying to get on there, but I got my hands on the ball a few times, but they just didn't go my way. As an offensive rebounder, you have to keep putting pressure on the defense. Me and King (Kingsley Okoroh) and Kam (Kameron Rooks) have to try to do that."

Last two offensive possessions, both times, they were trying to get it into you: "They did the second time, and I just tried to make a play going to the basket. I wanted the and-one, and I thought I was going to make it, but I didn't. I got fouled. I just went to the line, with confidence, and made the shots."

On similarity to 2015 state title game for Bishop O'Dowd: "It did, it actually did, right before [...] not while I was in the huddle, but as soon as I walked up to the line, that's what I thought. I just relaxed. I've been through this before. Either you're going to make the shot or you're going to miss it. Coach did a good job putting us in position to get some sort of offense at the end."

On final huddle: "[Cuonzo Martin] was talking about the defense. He kind of set up the defense. Actually, he drew up the play, we ran the play, and then they called time out. They called a time out again. That's when we talked about the press."

Stopping transition buckets in the second half: "No question. The bigs on their team do a great job of getting out. I think both of us -- our two bigs -- were crashing the offensive glass, so as a team, we have to do a better job for the three-guard, try to get back, but at the same time, we have to do run a little bit harder. Everybody just has to do their job there." Top Stories