2018 Cal quarterback commit Adrian Martinez talks about the firing of Sonny Dykes, OC Jake Spavital, coaching search

2018 Cal quarterback commit Adrian Martinez breaks down his thoughts on the firing of head coach Sonny Dykes, and his relationship with offensive coordinator Jake Spavital.

2018 California quarterback commit Adrian Martinez has already been through plenty of life-altering changes in his short time on this planet, so when Sunday saw the firing of Bears head coach Sonny Dykes, Martinez and fellow quarterback commit -- 2017 pledge Chase Garbers -- held steady.


http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1730361-beyond-the-commitm..."I don't really know too much, at this point, outside of coach Dykes being fired [Sunday] morning," Martinez said early Sunday afternoon. "Obviously, everyone knows that. Coach [Jake] Spavital reached out to me, and we had a nice little conversation, and we both believe that things are going to work out for the better, and that the program will still move forward, and I think it will retain most of its staff. That's what I'm hoping for, and I think that's what's going to happen."

Th 31-year old Spavital, the interim head coach and a candidate for the open position at the top of the program, is an immensely popular candidate to replace Dykes, and if not, to stay on as offensive coordinator. Garbers has vocally stumped for Spavital to get the head gig, and as soon as he was thrust into the role of interim head coach, he started shoring up his recruits.

"Basically, he promised to keep me updated throughout the whole process, and to make sure that I was being patient with him and the whole thing, in general," said Martinez, who committed to Cal on Nov. 20. "He really just told me that there wasn't a lot of detail he could really provide me at the moment, but that he did think he was going to stay, and he said he was going to meet with the administration [Sunday], and go from there, so hopefully, he stays involved, because he's a great coach and a great recruiter."

Spavital wasn't the only one to get in touch with Martinez on Sunday.

"Ross Bowers, the quarterback there at Cal, he reached out to me, and a couple other commits I've talked to, making sure we're all on the same page, and we're firm on our commitments," Martinez said. "Nobody's really freaking out. I think we're good. Once the dust settles, and everything becomes clear, we can move forward."

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1744532-bear-republic-coac... Cal currently has 10 unsigned commits for the 2017 class, plus two junior college signees and two early enrollees in Gabe Cherry and Taariq Johnson. It's expected that, with the departure of Chad Hansen, Cal will take about four more in this class. Martinez is among two 2018 commits, the other being linebacker Omari Harris, who committed 10 days after Martinez.

"We actually had a nice little conversation," Martinez said. "We were DMing each other back and forth, and we both agreed, after talking, that we were going to stay firm in our commitment, and think things through. I think he got that message, and I kind of encouraged him, that if we show our loyalty, and put a good face forward, it would give a good impression to other recruits, that we're going to be loyal, and this is what we're about. I think it'll pay dividends in the end."

Johnson posted this note on Twitter the day Dykes was fired:


Safety commit Jordan Genmark-Heath echoed those sentiments.


Fullback Malik McMorris tweeted, "Don't believe in kings, believe in the kingdom," and that's the axiom to which Martinez and the other commits have adhered. Martinez will remain committed, and survey the scene after the dust has settled.

 "Definitely," Martinez said. "I'm committed to Cal because of the academic opportunities it provides me, the area, the school in general. I love the football program, as well, and the coaches, but at the end of the day, I made a commitment, and I want to stick with that commitment, and I chose that school for a reason. My high school coach told me, 'Don't fall in love with the coaches; fall in love with the school,' and I really think I fell in love with the school. But, I do hope Spavital is still there, because he's a great guy, and I know I can do really good things with him in the future, as well as a lot of other players. I know they want to keep him around, so I hope he stays around. Regardless, I plan on being a Cal Bear."

The fact that Spavital has seen support even from defensive players has also made an impression, both on Martinez, and on those around athletic director Mike Williams, according to sources inside the Athletic Department.

"It reveals some things," Martinez said. "The recruits and the guys who play at Cal now, we're all on that same page. I think that we want Spavital to be the guy, or to be involved in some way. I don't think I've ever heard a bad word about Spavital. Everyone loves him. All the players do, all the coaches do. I was in Florida this past weekend, and guys were talking good about coach Spavital. I'm just hoping that he stays around, because I think if he does, we can get some hype around the program, rally around him and do some good things."

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