Cal head coach Cuonzo Martin Breaks Down Loss to Stanford

STANFORD, Calif. -- Cal head coach Cuonzo Martin talks about the Bears' 20-turnover loss to Stanford.

STANFORD, Calif. -- A sullen Cuonzo Martin breaks down California's loss to rival Stanford, a game where lack of discipline and aggressiveness were of major concern.

Opening statement: "Give Stanford credit. They played well and competed, especially after the first seven minutes. They made adjustments. I thought Reid [Travis] played well. I thought he kind of set the tone for them. Everything else kind of fell into place for them. Pickens got going in the first half, made some threes in transition. You can't leave a guy like that open from three. I don't care what his percentage says, and he made us pay for it. Give those guys credit. They played well."

Explain 20 turnovers: "I wish I could. It's college basketball. You've got to take care of the ball." you characterize it as a lack of aggression, only taking 10 free throws, to Stanford's 40: "I guess you could say that."

On taking Ivan Rabb out after his second foul, but going to zone with Kameron Rooks or Kingsley Okoroh on the floor, rather than keeping Rabb in and protecting him with the zone: "They were not in the game together. I think you go into the second half, I think Ivan's, you just, if you watch him, we have to do a better job of protecting him. You don't want him to get a third foul. You go into the second half with him. Without being specific about game planning, I feel best with him going into the second half with two fouls."

On Stanford zone in the second half: "We got opportunities to flash. I just thought we were careless with the ball, even throwing it to Ivan sometimes, just grabbing the ball. We felt like the opportunities to attack, we got them. Again, I don't want to be specific on where we were attacking. You know, you have to be able to get the ball inside. You have to be able to flash in there. Sometimes that has to do more with our lineups than actually attacking the zone."

Up 19-7, they were 1-for-10, and then you lose to an unranked team for the first time in two months: "It concerns me, because we lost, but outside of that, I'm not consumed with the other parts. It concerns me because we lost the game, and we had 20 turnovers and we didn't play well. Our bigs, Kameron and Kingsley, didn't play well against Reid Travis. Those are the things that concern me, not so much the other stuff. But, you can't have 20 turnovers, especially against a team that's not pressing you the whole night. Have to take care of the ball."

Free throw disparity was due to a lack of aggression, or was it your defense: "I didn't think we defended well, like we normally defend. I mean, the game's officiated the way it's officiated. I'll leave that at that, as nice as I can say it."

On Charlie Moore's play coming off an injury: "I didn't think he played well. I didn't think he played well. He was 3-for-13 from the field. I thought he got to where he had to get, but the shots just didn't go in. I thought he had opportunities, just didn't go in, especially trying to finish around the rim with his left hand, with that length, as opposed to pitching and using his right hand. I thought he got where he wanted to be, offensively, but it wasn't one of his better games, no."

Jabari Bird had 23 points, but also had 6 turnovers: "I thought he was OK. I've never been consumed with how many points a guy scores; it's the whole floor game. I didn't think he had a great game. I thought he scored 23 points, but I didn't think he had a great floor game with six turnovers."

20 turnovers, was it what they were doing?: "You have to give them credit for doing their job. They're working hard, but again, 20 turnovers to a team that doesn't press, guys are doing stuff uncharacteristic to what they normally do. You can't get consumed if you get a big lead. Stick to the script of what you do, and how we got to that point, and not try to do more than that. I thought that was a case, more than anything, in the first half."

Rabb foul trouble, second straight game where he's gotten in trouble early. Does he need to be more disciplined on defense: "I played this game for a long time. I can get three fouls at the beginning of the game, and I won't foul out of the game. Understand positioning, knowing where you are on the floor, I was one of the better defenders in the country. It's positioning, knowing where you have, having awareness, being big, that's all it is. Discipline. Discipline and focus." Top Stories