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Cal quarterback commit Adrian Martinez solidifies commitment after junior day

During a gangbusters junior day in Berkeley, Cal commit Adrian Martinez heard exactly what he wanted to hear from the Bears staff.

As Adrian Martinez and his father drove back from California, the 2018 four-star quarterback breathed a sigh of relief. After a junior day that included a full-pads practice, some more-than-welcome news about the recruiting class composition and meetings with his future coaches, most recruits would be buzzing. Martinez was, in his words, content. 

"I'd definitely say it was everything I wanted, and more," said the Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West signal caller. "Heading into the day, I wasn't really sure what to expect, and Cal was definitely more up in the air than I wanted it to be, I guess, about the coaching staff, and wanting that connection and things like that. I went into the day and got to meet the new commits and things like that, and found that I really, really liked them. We really gelled well, and I got really close with Chase Cota and his family. I just really had a good day. Omari Harris has always been a great guy. I found that I really fit with the guys we have, and who we're going after, and things like that ... Every time I'm up at Cal, it reminds me of how much I love the area, and really love the school."

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1730384-btc-part-ii-adrian... Martinez, who's gotten a raft of offers from some of college football blue bloods since committing to the Bears on Nov. 20, was in wait-and-see mode, ever since Cal had decided it would try to bring in two quarterbacks in the 2018 class. Martinez was told by the staff, on Saturday, that they had reversed course. They were only going to take one, if he was going to be that one.

"I heard the news that I really wanted to hear: They weren't going to take two quarterbacks," Martinez said. "They told me that I was their guy, all the way. They'd seen everything they needed to, and they'd gotten to know me, to the point where they were comfortable only taking me, and me being the guy moving forward, and that they could take two quarterbacks in another class. They wanted to lock me down, and for me to know that they were committed to me, and all-in. That's what I wanted to hear."

Very much like the weather -- dark and stormy with a bout of hail, which gave way to sunshine and mid-60s temperatures, "in an odd Berkeley way" (is there any other?) -- Martinez has gone from standing under a cloud of uncertainty to a more sunny outlook.

"When I first got on campus and started talking with Nick Alftin and stuff, there's a reason why I picked this place," Martinez said. "There's a great vibe to it that I really like, and I like the people that are here. The whole day was an overall good feeling."

While Martinez had scheduled visits to other schools -- and he'll still take them -- now, the purpose of those visits has changed. Instead of looking for a potential new landing spot, those visits will now be of a comparative nature.

"I kind of already scheduled those visits, so I still want to take them, and really have something to compare to Cal, in that way, I guess," Martinez said. "Then, I'll go from there. I want to go check out Arizona State, and go see Tennessee, and have something to really, like I was saying, compare to Cal, and the people that are there, and how they run things, and how I fit in the offense and the situation I'd be going into, just to compare it. But, I would say I'm firm on Cal, especially after this last Saturday really confirmed things with me."

Martinez, who has a 3.6 cumulative GPA, and posted a 4.1 mark this past semester ("It's heading up," he said, proudly), got to get some quality one-on-one time with offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin and quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo.

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1730361-beyond-the-commitm... "I got into some offensive meetings, and I got to see coach Tui in action, and kind of really liked his style and the energy he brings in the meeting room, and then obviously on the field," he said. "Coach [Justin] Wilcox is always amazing. I can't wait to be able to play for him."

Getting to see the high-energy Tuiasosopo work at his craft was particularly enlightening for Martinez.

"I saw the energy, and the attention to detail he put in to everything, which I liked," Martinez said. "He made sure to stay engaged with the quarterbacks, and also, he was going over some things from the previous practice, and he owned up and took the blame, with coach Wilcox, for some things they didn't perform well in, the last practice, and I liked that, too. He took ownership of things, and that's obviously a guy I want to play for -- one who's able to have my back if I make a mistake."

After practice, Martinez went up to the press box for the now-sunny view, and took a tour around campus with one of his main targets, from here on out: Cota. The two had exchanged direct messages over Twitter the night before, with Cota asking the same question on many Cal fans' lips: Will you be there?

"We had a little conversation, and then, when I first got to Cal, I was meeting up with coach Baldwin and coach Tui, and I walked out of the quarterback meeting, and he was sitting on this round, circular couch, and his family and Chase were sitting there with coach Wilcox," Martinez said. "I introduced myself, and told him we'd catch up. We ended up both on the field, and I said, 'What's up?' I'd been talking with Nick Alftin, and we both went over there and started a conversation with Chase, and we got to talking, and we hit it off. We have a lot of things in common. He's just a super cool, genuine guy, along with his family. Just really good people. So we kind of vibed and got a long really easily, and hung out the rest of the way.

"I kind of got to be an assistant tour guide, since I know Cal pretty well now. I got to tell [the staff] to take him up to the press box, because he needs to see this view up here. It's something special. We showed him that, and he was blown away. It was really good. I would say we got close from the trip, and we'll be rooting for each other no matter where we end up."

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1730219-adrian-martinez-co... Cota -- a 6-foot-4, 195-pound four-star out of Medford (Ore.) South Medford -- has offers from the Bears, Notre DameOregonOregon StateUCLAUSCUtahVanderbilt and Washington State, and is the No. 3 wide receiver in the West. While Martinez wants to bulk up the offensive line that's going to be watching his backside, reeling in a big target like Cota is at or near the top of his priority list.

"Shoot, he's like a buddy of mine, so obviously I'm going to want him to come along and tag along with me, to Cal, so definitely," Martinez said. "A big thing for us is really going to be the O-line, as well. Me being the quarterback, I want some guys to protect me, so that'll be a big thing, too."

After a break for lunch, Martinez and Baldwin chopped up some film with Martinez's father.

"I was picking up on some terminology things, kind of diving into it," Martinez said. "Then, a little bit later, it was just me and Tui, watching film, as well, and we got to talk. Once the day had settled a little bit, I was still hanging around, and I got to talk to him more in-depth about my situation and things like that. He wanted me to know, and the staff wanted me to know, that I was wanted, to come in, by myself, and be the guy, which was big."

So, as Martinez sat in the car with his father, after the buzz wore off, Martinez felt one thing above all else.

"I was reassured," he said. "I was happy with the situation. I was content. I was super-buzzed, I was happy that I got to meet new people and form more connections, it was an overall really, really good day. I got closer with the coaches, got to dive into the stuff they got going, and feel good with the decision I made."

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