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Cal releases contracts for Steve Greatwood, Nick Edwards

Cal has released the contract details for the oldest and youngest respective members of California's new football staff -- offensive line coach Steve Greatwood and wide receivers coach Nick Edwards.

New California offensive line coach Steve Greatwood, 58, will make as much as his predecessor, Brandon Jones, at least in the first year of his contract with the Golden Bears, acquired by BearTerritory through a Public Records Act request.

The contract, signed on March 24, states that Greatwood will make a base salary of $200,000 for the term of Jan. 17, 2017 through Feb. 28, 2018, with a talent fee of $50,000. That lines up with what his predecessor, Jones, was making in the final year of his contract -- $250,000. In the next term of the contract, March 1, 2018 through Feb. 28, 2019, Greatwood will make a base salary of $200,000, with a talent fee of $125,000. For comparison's sake, that would make him the highest-paid assistant on Cal's last coaching staff, save the two coordinators. Last year, Greatwood made $403,600 while coaching the offensive line at Oregon

Greatwood's contract includes a $15,000 bonus for participating in the Pac-12 title game, a $25,000 bonus for reaching the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, Cotton or Peach Bowls, a $10,000 boost for participating in the national championship game, a $10,000 bonus for the Bears finishing above .500 and participating in a bowl game not previously named, and a bonus of $5,000 if the team finishes below .500 and still makes a bowl game. Greatwood also receives a $25,000 signing bonus.

Greatwood's contract runs for two years, and if he is terminated without cause before those two years are up, he is guaranteed 100% of his base salary.

Also released to BearTerritory was the contract of wide receivers coach Nick Edwards, 27. The deal, signed on March 23, is for one year, from Jan. 18, 2017, through Feb. 28, 2018, with a base salary of $150,000. Last year, inside receivers coach Jacob Peeler made $225,000, but made $164,000 in his first season coaching the position for the Bears.

Edwards, who spent three years coaching wide receivers for offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin at his alma mater, Eastern Washington, has the same bonus structure as Greatwood, and receives the same one-time hiring bonus of $25,000.

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