Cal quarterback Chase Forrest talks about the quarterback competition with Ross Bowers

BERKELEY -- Cal quarterback Chase Forrest breaks down the competition between him and Ross Bowers as the Bears look for their next starting quarterback.

Chase Forrest on the quarterback competition and spring as a whole: "It's been a lot of fun, really good experience, and we're just learning. We're adjusting to all what the coaches want us to do, and how they're teaching us, and so far, it's been great. The coaches said we've been getting better every day, and there's a drastic change since Day One, for everyone. The defense is rolling, and they're [in] different schemes, and at the same time, the offense has come back and answered. We're studying them and it's been a really good experience. Really fun." he feel the difference from practice one to now: "I think, generally, defense, you can get a hang of it quicker than offense. We have a whole new system, so with that, concepts, repetition, everything combined, the reps that we do, it just gets us better, over time, and that's just all it is. The reps is the biggest thing. We've done a lot more team than we've I think gotten since I've been here, and Ross and I have taken a majority of the reps, too. It's a tremendous amount of help for us, as well. Just that part. I can feel it, in the offense. One day, the defense will get us, and we'll respond and come back on the offense. It's been a lot of fun."

On comfort with the new terminology and reps: "It's night and day. We did a little bit, what we could, pre-spring, mentally, obviously, but not coming out and actually running the concepts and all the plays, with repetition, you get better through that, and I think not only will it improve during the summer, too -- that's the biggest thing -- in the summer time, we'll have even more knowledge, and maybe add more stuff. Coming into fall camp, we should be rolling, right where we left off."

On Marques Tuiasosopo's Jon Gruden impersonation: "He was with him for four years, and it's awesome to hear it. He always asks us if we love football, and that's what Jon Gruden would always ask his quarterbacks, too, and you see all the guys that mimic Jon Gruden, I forget his name, but the one guy who always impersonates him -- Frank Caliendo -- he does a pretty good one, too. You've got to get him to do it one day." strengths does Tuiasosopo as a QB coach: "Everything he's learned from Norv Turner, Jon Gruden, you've just got to absorb all that. It's cool to hear, because I grew up listening to Jon Gruden, knowing what a great coach he was, and Norv Turner. Coach Tui really has a wealth of knowledge from all these different coaches, so we trust him, and we enjoy everything he teaches us, his presence, and he's a competitor. It rubs off on us."

On doing individual work by himself: "I learned that from Jared [Goff]. I'd find Jared, he'd tell me, and other times I'd find him, watching film at midnight. He'd come in at 11 p.m., one time, couldn't sleep, and just watched film. I learned a little from him, early on, and I think, even more so, I think that was instilled in high school. My coaches really harped on the playbook, so we tried to take advantage of that. Coming in here, that's how driven, that's how I was brought up. Even Davis [Webb], too, phenomenal. He was always watching film of games, so that's how I try to be."

What he wants to see from himself and the offense in the spring game on Saturday at 11 a.m. (broadcast on the Pac-12 Networks): "Just coming out, being consistent, having fun and playing fast, moving the ball. That's all it is."

Has he enjoyed the competition with Bowers: "Of course. It's fun. It brings out the best in you. This is my second year in a row competing with Ross, and we're just battling. That's all it is, and we're kind of back to square one, where we were last spring, and it's fun. It brings out the best in you. You've just got to learn to improve and be consistent every day, take it into the offseason and fall camp."

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