Scouting report on new Cal offensive line commit Jasper Friis

What is Cal getting in their new German import, offensive lineman Jasper Friis?

New California offensive line commit Jasper Friis is raw, to be sure, with only one year of true competitive football under his belt. He's going to need development, but he'll certainly get that with Steve Greatwood running the line.

Run blocking: Friis relies on his size and strength to bully opposing defensive linemen. He is not, though, just a Frankenstein's monster. There is a bit of stiffness, but Friis moves well, keeps his feet churning in run blocking, and locks out to keep his defender engaged.  For such a large and young-in-the-game tackle, he plays with good bend and pad level. He does at times get out over his feet, but keeps his balance for the most part. His footwork needs a bit of work, but there's a lot to work with, given his background as a soccer player, and the fact that, while he doesn't have the deftest feet, he doesn't make many false steps. Most impressive is the fact that Friis plays under control, and doesn't over-extend, keeping defenders inside his shoulders.

Pass blocking: Friis keeps his shoulders square to his defender and stays over his feet, keeping balance while fending off pass rush moves. It's in pass pro where his feet do get a bit slower, but he shows good punch and also keeps blockers engaged.

Most linemen his size tend to get snowed under by smaller, quicker pass rushers, but because Friis plays with such good balance and pad level, smaller pass rushers coming free off the edge don't have much success trying to get up and under his pads. He also picks up secondary rushers, as well, on blitzes.

The bottom line: Friis is inexperienced and has some rough spots to sand off (during his appearance at The Opening Regional in Los Angeles, he showed some unfamiliarity with drills, and let defensive ends step right around him), but he shows a lot of potential, especially once he's put into a Pac-12 weight training program, and can eliminate some of his bad weight. He could stand to get a bit more flexible, and more consistent, but as we say in the scouting game, he's very tools-y. However, he doesn't explode off the line, and his uncertainty in himself does show a lot, at times, which is to be expected, given how young he is in the game.

Best comp at this point is a slimmer Aaron Cochran (who tipped the scales at 380 right before he arrived at Cal). He's not got as much bad weight as Cochran had as a freshman, but he also doesn't have the feet Cochran had, thanks to years of basketball -- that kind of footwork translates better to football than soccer footwork. That said, as you go through his highlight tape, and offseason work, his footwork gets better and better. Top Stories