VIDEO: Cal head coach David Esquer talks win over Stanford, Tanner Dodson's performance

BERKELEY -- Tanner Dodson does it all in5-3 Cal win over No. 10 Stanford, with assists from Ty Greene and Jonah Davis.

BERKELEY -- California head coach David Esquer breaks down the Bears' win over Stanford, including the defense of Tyrus Greene, the timely outfield play by Jonah Davis, the pitching of Tanner Dodson and a Herculean relief effort from Erik Martinez.

Esquer gives insight into the mechanical tweak Dodson made with the help of pitching coach Thomas Eager, who saw that Dodson's throwing from center field was different than how he threw from the mound, particularly his finish. Dodson said he finished a bit longer on Monday, which helped him be more effectively wild, as it were, and more deceptive, as he fanned first baseman Matt Winaker twice. Winaker had struck out 26 times in the previous 46 games. Of the 46 strikes Dodson threw, 11 came on swings and misses.

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