Cal QB recruit Spencer Petras of Kentfield (Calif.) Marin Catholic could make his decision soon

RICHMOND, Calif. -- Cal quarterback target Spencer Petras is closing in on a decision, and he opened up about his process with BearTerritory after The Opening Regional at Richmond (Calif.) De Anza.

RICHMOND, Calif. -- Could California get its new quarterback commit just over a month since its last one -- Adrian Martinez -- decommitted. But, the Bears, like the rest of the recruiting world, will have to wait. That wait, though, won't be long.

Three-star signal caller Spencer Petras of Kentfield (Calif.) Marin Catholic said at Sunday's The Opening Regional at Richmond (Calif.) De Anza that he wants to make his decision soon, perhaps within a week.

"No date, yet, but honestly, within a week or so, or sooner," Petras said. "You never know."

There are no leaders, at least that Petras was willing to divulge, but there are schools that are sticking out.

"There are strengths for every school that has offered me, and I'm evaluating that," Petras said. "Primarily, it's the coaching staff that I like, and that I think are really good coaches. Secondly, it's the system. That has to fit. I don't want to run a triple option in college, but that's just me. Also, just opportunity, the opportunity to get out there and play, because, physically, I'm ready to go. That's what I look at, and academics, as well."

Physically, Petras has matured greatly over the last year, filling out his frame so that now he's holding between 215 and 220 pounds on his 6-foot-5 body.

"I was probably 15 or 20 pounds lighter," said Petras. "I've put on a lot of weight."

To this day, another former Marin Catholic quarterback -- Jared Goff -- hasn't quite broken 220 pounds.

"When I hit 218 or something like that, I remember he called my coach, and he said, 'Man, that's as big as I am,'" Petras laughed.

Petras and Goff have spoken since the Bears offered Petras, and it's no surprise what the former No. 1 overall pick has been saying.

"We've texted, and it's hard to go to him for advice, because he's going to be a little biased -- he's Cal-born, Cal-bred guy, born in the Bay," Petras said. "It's a Cal family altogether. He's definitely a super-awesome guy. He just said, 'Go Bears' and he wants me to go to Cal."

When the former No. 1 pick says something, Petras said, "You've got to think about it."

Petras has spent a year and a half on varsity, while Goff spent four years guiding the Wildcats. Petras admitted that he wasn't physically ready, when he was younger, to take the reins.

"It's a huge leap, and I wasn't really ready, as a sophomore," Petras said. "I could have done it, physically, but it's getting the mechanics and stuff like that down, and I've gotten 15 times better since I've been up with coach Maz (Mazi Moayed), because he's one of the best coaches in California. Everything speeds up. My feet have sped up, my hips, everything like that. My mechanics, throwing the ball, are much better, and mentally is the biggest difference. I process things a lot faster."

While the offense Petras runs does have half-field reads, the staff is confident enough in Petras that he can go full-field if need be.

Cal's offense, under the previous staff, was almost exclusively half-field reads, but the new group is different, and Petras has come to learn about how the new bunch will run its system. On Saturday, Petras stopped by Berkeley for some more face time.

"[Saturday], they were giving a lot of tours, and I've already been on all of them, so I got a chance to just hang out," Petras said. "I played video games with some of the coaches, we played 2K -- I played a recruit in 2K -- and I played Madden. They let me win, but I was about to lose and they let me win. I also got a chance to really sit down with coach Tui (Marques Tuiasosopo) and coach [Justin] Wilcox again, and just talk to them about different stuff, just getting final questions out, as I transition into making a decision, anything that was on my mind. I was asking about the quarterback situation and what their plans are for the offense, stuff like that."

So, where does Cal stand in terms of what Petras is looking for?

"I really love the coaching staff," Petras said. "Coach is an awesome, awesome guy, same with coach Tui and coach [Beau] Baldwin. I think they're all really good coaches, and the offense they run is something that I'd be able to fit into really well, because it's somewhat similar -- the shotgun stuff -- to what I run in high school, and obviously, it's close to home, and it's in the Bay, which I really love, because family's important. It's half an hour from my house. In addition to that, the academics are hard to beat."

Petras said that he and Tuiasosopo talk "almost every day."

"He's a really cool guy," Petras said. "I've gotten to know him pretty well."

Tuiasosopo's NFL pedigree is also attractive for Petras, who said Tuiasosopo's days in the League and in the Pac-12 carry "a lot" of weight.

"He's done it, and obviously, my goal is to play in the NFL, and he's done it, so learning from him would be a real honor," Petras said.

Once Petras decides, he will shut down his recruitment, and only go to the summer camp of the school to which he's pledged. Top Stories