Cal WR recruit Isaah Crocker talks Bears, blue and gold gloves at The Opening Regional

RICHMOND, Calif. -- Four-star Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum wide receiver Isaah Crocker sported Cal gloves as he showed out at The Opening Regional at Richmond (Calif.) De Anza.

RICHMOND, Calif. -- Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum wide receiver Isaah Crocker said that the blue and gold Cal-logo gloves he sported at The Opening Regional at Richmond (Calif.) De Anza were just a pair he grabbed as he left the house, but he cracked a knowing grin even as he said it.

The lifelong California fan counts the Bears as some of his most ardent suitors, and the offer from Cal certainly seems front-of-mind for the four-star recruit.

"Just something I picked out, man, to represent," Crocker said. "We've been talking and texting every day. It's good, man. It's good. [Wide receivers coach Nick Edwards] has to be, him and [Nebraska] coach Keith Williams, have been the strongest connections. I've been talking to them, both. Coach Williams was like, man, you're crazy if you don't go to Nebraska or Cal. You're crazy."

It's a testament to Crocker's speedy, physical tool set that if the Huskers don't get him, they certainly don't want to see him on the other side of the ball, playing against them, any time soon.

"[Edwards] talks about respect, and stuff, and how to treat other people right, so that's big," Crocker said.

Now that The Opening Regional is finished, and so is spring ball, Crocker is ready to get back on the field and start getting ready for his senior season.

"We go back in a couple weeks, two weeks," Crocker said. "We get out of school next week, and we go back to practice to get ready I think in two or three weeks from now. Other than that, for those two or three weeks, I'm going to go out and work out."

During spring ball, the Bears, Nebraska, San Diego StateSan Jose StateOregon and Oregon State have visited, with Cal offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin visiting soon, as well. Top Stories