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Oceanside (Calif.) El Camino running back Chris Brown talks Cal visit

RICHMOND, Calif. -- California's top running back paid a second visit to Cal this past weekend, before The Opening Regional.

RICHMOND, Calif. -- The No. 1 running back in the West, Chris Brown, and his quarterback, Jaden Casey, spent two hours on the California campus this weekend. It wasn't the first time Brown has been to Berkeley -- he came to watch the Bears' early-spring Junior Day.

"Me and my mom, we drove up here, so we didn't get here in time to see practice, so all we did was the tour and everything, meet the coaches, watched their cut-ups and everything, so I thought it was pretty cool," Brown said of his first time at Cal. "[Offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin] is pretty cool. He used to be the head coach at Eastern Washington before, and this was a great opportunity for him."

On Saturday, he came back.

"We looked around, and the coach showed us how they run things at Cal -- all the basics and everything," Brown said. "I like their attitude, and I like the atmosphere around there. I like that place."

Brown said he's formed "good relationships" with the Bears coaches, but none stood out.

"I was already up here for The Opening, so it was kind of last-minute, and I'm with my QB's dad, so it was up to him, because he's the one who's responsible for me and driving me," Brown said.

Brown doesn't have any favorites at the moment, and he may not even put out a top list.

"I'm not in a hurry right now," he said. "[Committing] could come during the season, it could not. It depends on how I feel at the time."

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