No. 2 center in the West, Jacob Isaia of Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman, talks Cal, Stanford interest

RICHMOND, Calif. -- Who's standing out for 2018 lineman Jacob Isaia, who stood out himself at The Opening Regional.

One of the final 10 offensive linemen at Sunday's The Opening Regional at Richmond (Calif.) De Anza, Nevada's No. 1 center -- Jacob Isaia -- has 20 offers to consider, but there were two schools who haven't yet offered -- California and Stanford -- that were the subjects du jour after he finished his final snaps.

Isaia wanted to visit Berkeley this weekend, but couldn't free up enough time after his visit to the Cardinal. That said, he still had been to Cal for the spring game a month ago.

"I thought it was worth it," Isaia said. "I'd never visited that part of California, before, and it was a really good chance to see the surrounding places, and look at just where Cal is situated. I have a couple relatives -- uncles -- that live around there, so I could stay with them."

Isaia has also been speaking with the Bears coaching staff frequently.

"Well, I had talked with coach Tony Tuioti, the linebacker coach, when he was at Michigan, and now he's at Cal, and I have a good connection with him," Isaia said. "Then, I got to talk to the offensive line coach over there. He knows his stuff, and he's really looking at me. I think they're trying to look at all the other offensive linemen. I know, for a lot of schools, they're only offering one or two interior linemen for my class, so I'm not sure how many they have for interior, or how many they're looking for. I think that's what they're doing right now. They're looking at all their options, because I know they're looking at other kids, too."

That's the case with Stanford, although the Cardinal aren't expecting to take many offensive linemen in this class. He spent all day -- from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. -- in Palo Alto on Saturday.

"They were very serious. They had a couple jokes here and there, but they were very, very serious," Isaia said of the Cardinal. "They were monitoring all the recruits that were there, and they were especially looking at me, because they're only offering one spot, for the whole offensive line, not just the interior. They've only offered one kid I know, and they're looking at me and five other kids. They were very, very serious. They really emphasized education, especially."

Out of the 20 schools who have offered, there are a few going hard out for Isaia, who figures he'll have a report card full of A's and B's this semester, with a grade point average between 3.0 and 3.5.

"I haven't made a list yet, but recruiting me the hardest? I know Minnesota, coach P.J. Fleck is looking at me, and coach Warner, all those coaches over there," Isaia said. "Washington State, they're texting me a lot. I know Kansas State and Iowa State are really on to me. Those are the ones that stand out, because they communicate with me." Top Stories