Cal offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin's contract stipulates $570k per year

Beau Baldwin is scheduled to make more per year than either of Cal's last two offensive coordinators under terms of his contract.

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California offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin moved on up in a big way, when he came from his head coaching position at Eastern Washington to take over as the Golden Bears' offensive coordinator. Along with changing states, he also changed tax brackets, going from making a $240,000 annual salary for the Eagles under a contract he signed in January of 2017, to now making $570,000 directing Cal's offense. That would make him one of the top five offensive coordinators in the Pac-12, in terms of pay. Baldwin's contract runs for three years, while his predecessor, Jake Spavital, had been signed for two years, at a total of $385,000 for his first season. Spavital would have made $500,000 this coming season, had he not left to take the same post at West Virginia.

Former head coach Sonny Dykes's first offensive coordinator, Tony Franklin, made $560,000 in bonuses and salary in 2015, his last season with Cal. By leaving Berkeley, Spavital forfeited a $125,000 retention bonus for being the offensive coordinator through Signing Day 2018.

Baldwin has a bonus structure that awards him $15,000 for playing in the Pac-12 title game; $25,000 for playing in the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Cotton or Peach bowls; $10,000 for playing in a bowl game other than the ones above while finishing above .500 in the regular season; and $5,000 if the Bears play in a bowl game after finishing under .500 in the regular season. All of those bonuses are tied to an academic component -- the team has to earn an academic progress rate of 930 or higher.

Baldwin receives a retention bonus of $80,000 if he remains with Cal through Oct. 1, 2017, and if he remains through Aug. 1, 2018, he gets another $80,000. He gets yet another $80,000 pay out if he's with the Bears through Aug. 1, 2019. He received a one-time hiring bonus of $25,000. Should Baldwin leave for any position other than a head coach position within the Pac-12 or a currently-scheduled non-conference opponent, he would owe 100% of the remainder of the base salary for the remainder of the term.

If the University terminates Baldwin's contract without cause, Cal would owe him a buyout of 70% of his base salary, talent fee and retention bonus for the remainder of the term.

Baldwin also agrees, in the contract, to take "affirmative steps to mitigate the University's obligations to pay damages that may be sustained by virtue of termination," which is to say, he is under obligation to find another job should he be terminated by Cal, and that new job's salary would mitigate the monies paid to Baldwin under the buyout. Crucially, if he agrees to an employment arrangement that does not "provide reasonable compensation consistent with Coach's experience for the position accepted, Coach waives the right to, and the University shall have no obligation to pay, any remaining payments due to Coach." Top Stories