All things Cal...(forgive the sentimentality)

<p class=txt>...couldn't get to sleep the other night and was thinking about the various things I enjoy about Cal and Berkeley, CA. Some of what I came up with:

1. Walking up Panoramic, Spruce, Marin, or any other of the wonderful Berkeley streets that snake up into the hills and just looking at the views out over the Bay or imagining the lives going on inside those grand old homes.
2. Walking thru campus at around 5 pm on a Friday afternoon, when the work of the week has been done, a peacefulness settles over the academy, and the shadows start to lenghten across the lawns and the white granite glistens in the last rays of the setting sun.
3. Sharing a $2 Fat Slice and soda with your girlfriend because you're both too poor to afford anything more, and then contemplating the fact that your personal student poverty eliminates a lot of the complexity from the relationship.
4. Sharing a pitcher and some artery-clogging fare upstairs at Kip's with your buddies, preferably while cheering the Bears on to victory (note: must be an away game, otherwise you'd be at Haas or Memorial, not at Kip's).
5. Waking up early Friday morning to shoot some hoops at the deserted RSF...provided you were able to get out of bed after enjoying the usual Thursday night festivities on the hill.
6. Trying to work off all those Thursday night excesses by taking up a regimen of running the Jordan firetrail. You knew you were serious about getting back in shape when the term "The Connector" became a part of your venacular. You knew you were in shape when you actually could make it to the top of the damn thing and keep on going.
7. Road-tripping down to LA for the USC or UCLA football games, hoping like hell you could do the early driving shift so that your Friday evening drinking time could be maximized. And the rule of thumb was always that the poor sucker who had to do that final leg over the Grapevine and into the LA basin would be the guy who popped the first brew on the morning of the game to make up for lost drinking time the night before.

Like I said, a little sentimental, but there's so much to remember and so much many more memories to create. I'd like to hear other people's versions of "All things Cal."

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