Fun and Gun in Berkeley? Couldn't be Could it?

After Cal's miserable 0-8 start in football the fans gathered at Haas Pavilion last night were looking for something to cling on, a winner, a promise of hope, a portend of great things to come. For those fortunate enough to have witnessed Cal's 111-79 drubbing of an overmatched LA Stars team the future certainly looks bright.

Okay, sure it was an exhibition game, but you had to like the promise of a team loaded with talented, and experienced guards. Add to that mix three athletic big men and you have the makings of Loyola Marymount again. Yes, I'm prone to hyperbole, but the scariest part of last night's performance was the fact that Cal was missing three key members: Brian Wethers, who seemed to be ailing a bit, Amit Tamir, serving an NCAA imposed eight game penalty, and Julian Sensley, who if were not for some unfortunate luck in the testing department would have been suited up. Add these three to a very talented lineup and it is easy to see why Cal fans had a lot to cheer about last evening.

Joe Shipp and Solomon Hughes each led the Bears with 20 points and Dennis Gates added 15. Freshman Jamal Sampson added 10 points. But perhaps the most impressive performance last night was that of Gabriel Hughes, whose hustle and energy provided the Bears with a defensive spark which will be essential if Cal wants to compete for a Pac-10 title.

The game provided little drama as the outcome was decided about 10 minutes into the first half. Coach Ben Braun did use his bench and it seems that he could go as much as 12-13 deep if he so chooses. However, it's most likely he'll choose to fix that number at 10-11 in order to maintain continuity.

Unfortunately this was an exhibition game so it's very difficult to tell how good this team is or can be. An exhibition against EA Sports follows and then the season opens with the Princeton Tigers. However, the destiny of this team won't be determined until they open Pac-10 play with Stanford. Those games will reveal a great deal about this year's version of Golden Bears and will show if this is just a tournament team or perhaps something more. Top Stories